Channel 5's New Reality TV - S-Factor

I'm going to be on S-Factor! The S-Factor girls are in FHM this month. Go get an issue to check us out :)
S Factor is a reality TV show which will air every Sunday (10pm) starting April 5th, on Mediacorp Channel 5. The Host is Max Loong.We already finished filming last year, and I can't tell you who won. But of course I'll be dishing the dirt, tell you what really went on behind the cameras, with every episode that airs.


  1. Anonymous12:20 pm

    who is the girl at your right hand side?

  2. The group picture:
    Top row, Left to right: Xue Sha, Sherine, Me, Jacqueline.
    middle row: Sonia, Wandy, KrisAutumn, Kay Kay(qihua).
    Seated: Jessica, Sheralynn and Michelle.

  3. Anonymous8:22 am

    Hey holly! (:
    haven't seen you in the longest time,
    we should meet before the show airs hahaha.

    (and omg, my pic is horrible! lol)


  4. think u looked fine in the pics jesse jelly beans!

    Didn't realise u workin for munkysuperstar!

  5. Anonymous5:32 pm

    hey hollyhotcakes!
    i really hate them, where are all my smiley goofy pictures man!

    yeah, started in jan!

  6. Anonymous9:27 pm

    where can i watch it online?

  7. hi anon 9.27pm --> as with most things, someone will prob upload it on youtube once the show airs.

    I will be uploading the episodes on my blog as well. :)

  8. Anonymous10:36 pm

    Hey I liked you the best. It sucks that you are out becoz of a wrestling match..I hope you get back in again..


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