Channel 5's New Reality TV - S-Factor

I'm going to be on S-Factor! The S-Factor girls are in FHM this month. Go get an issue to check us out :)
S Factor is a reality TV show which will air every Sunday (10pm) starting April 5th, on Mediacorp Channel 5. The Host is Max Loong.We already finished filming last year, and I can't tell you who won. But of course I'll be dishing the dirt, tell you what really went on behind the cameras, with every episode that airs.


Anonymous said…
who is the girl at your right hand side?
Holly Jean said…
The group picture:
Top row, Left to right: Xue Sha, Sherine, Me, Jacqueline.
middle row: Sonia, Wandy, KrisAutumn, Kay Kay(qihua).
Seated: Jessica, Sheralynn and Michelle.
Anonymous said…
Hey holly! (:
haven't seen you in the longest time,
we should meet before the show airs hahaha.

(and omg, my pic is horrible! lol)

Holly Jean said…
think u looked fine in the pics jesse jelly beans!

Didn't realise u workin for munkysuperstar!
Anonymous said…
hey hollyhotcakes!
i really hate them, where are all my smiley goofy pictures man!

yeah, started in jan!
Anonymous said…
where can i watch it online?
Holly Jean said…
hi anon 9.27pm --> as with most things, someone will prob upload it on youtube once the show airs.

I will be uploading the episodes on my blog as well. :)
Anonymous said…
Hey I liked you the best. It sucks that you are out becoz of a wrestling match..I hope you get back in again..