In Love With Colours! (Get Your Free MakeOver!)

Valentine's Day is almost here! And I'm simply In Love with Colors! What shouts I'm young, lively and full of Love better than colour?!

When it comes to make up and colours... The most obvious feature that accentuates a face is the eyes. So, while applying eye make-up, a very important element to focus upon is the eye-shadow.
There are 27 stunning eye colours in the ettusais range. You can pick and choose your favourite shades and form your very own personalised palette.

If like me, you simply like all the colours and have trouble deciding which to choose.... don't fret! Ettusais has put together 3 playful palettes for 3 gorgeous looks. The Cute, the Feminine, and the Cool.

My favourite is the Cool palette. It consists of aqua and blue hues. Now before you express disgust at blue eyeshadow... you got to check this palette out!

The shades of blue that ettusais has combined to form this cool palette complement each other and will make your eyes sparkle with vibrant colour! The textures of the eye shadows are really fine, making it ultra easy to blend. And once you're dolled up, your eye colours will stay crease proof the whole day!

Watch my video to learn how to use the Cool Palette!

3 fab colours, 3 easy steps:
When using 3 shades/colours:

1. Use the lightest color as the base over your entire eyelid up to the brow bone.

2. Then use the lighter on your eyelid, do not go beyond your crease line.

3. Lastly use the darkest shade - dark blue directly above your lash line.

This palette is so versatile.. it can take me from day to night. For a more elegant or intense look, you can give your eyes the smokey effect by thickening the darkest shade at the outer corner of the eye.


And... for the perfect pout ... ettusais has 12 yummy lip colours which are moisturising, easy to apply and long lasting. My personal favourite is pk3 which is a sweet girly pink... very kissable :)

Another great way to play with colours is with your nails.
These nail polishes glide effortlessly onto your nails and they dry ever so quickly. With 23 nail polish colours... there's no limit to the fun you can have! Sexy red vixen nails one day... and pretty soft pink the next day... bubbly blue the day after...

Colours are a great way of expressing yourself! With such a wide range of colours out there by ettusais... you have no excuse to be dull and boring looking! Get creative... come alive!


Get your FREE ettusais Makeover and 3 piece Samples

Especially for my blog readers, here's how to get your free makeover and samples...

1. Call the ettusais counter of your choice or go in person to the counter to make an appointment.
Tel No: [Isetan Orchard 67321809/ Isetan Scotts 68361281/ Isetan Tampines 67891139/ BHG Bugis 63347188/BHG Bishan 62588698/ Metro Paragon 67352236/ Metro Causeway Point 68911127]

2. When making the appointment for the "complimentary makeover" , you must mention the secret password "HOLLY JEAN" in order to get the 3 piece sample set.

Makeover slots available between 6 to 12 Feb 2009 at all counters. Hurry... make your appointment now before your preferred slots are taken up!

No purchase necessary. Remember to mention the password "Holly Jean" in order to be entitled to the 3 piece sample set! Tell your girlfriends and have a fun day getting dolled up with colours from ettusais!

Also Free from ettusais: Gifts With Purchase
Spend just $48 on ettusais products and receive an ultra cute rainbow cosmetics pouch or soft and sweet hearty cushion free!


  1. Anonymous6:59 am

    at last its here! ^^ haha~
    nice video holly~ but its kind of funny to watch the "fast-forwarded" part..hehe~
    Ur demostrations hav made Ettusais's palettes seems so simple & easy to apply~ xD

  2. Anonymous10:13 am

    hi Holly,
    for the 3 pc sample, what are the samples?

  3. It's not a fixed sample set.

    Rather, The 3 samples that they give my readers will be personalised to suit their needs.

    This will be determined when they look at you skin tone ( to determine which colours suit you) and/ or skin condition (for skincare products).

  4. Anonymous11:12 am

    Love the video, can't say the same about the accent.

    Do you have any personal make-up classes that you would recommend for your readers?

  5. Anonymous12:11 pm

    Your eye lashes are gorgeous, did you do anything special to them?

  6. Anonymous5:07 pm

    shoot me if that wasn't a FAKE PUT ON accent. lameass.

  7. anon 11.12 and k.o.
    Ok.. I admit, I'm no news reader.

    But still, it's a pity that you should say that about the accent. I actually made it a point to neutralise any accent, not get excited, and enunciate each word clearly.

    That's my teaching/instructional tone. When I teach English in class, I speak just as clearly and articulately, and kids don't seem to have a problem understanding me. But if you still have problems with the accent, I'd be happy to send you a transcript in Singlish.

    Anon 12:11 - I did eyelash extensions for $50 bucks about 4 months ago (I blogged about it). But it only lasted about a month, and then fell off. And it was a bit of a fuss (can't go swimming etc).

    So now I just stick on false lashes whenever I make myself up for a night out. Get soft ones which are not too long and not too dramatic.. and they will draw just the right attention to your eyes :)

  8. Anonymous12:49 am

    you look gorgeous in the short clip. much prettier than in pictures i must say. and i think you're using the same brush as i am! is it estee lauder?

  9. Anonymous1:56 am

    hi holly, erm i would like to ask is the membership for lifetime or it has an expiry date for it?
    & r all the Ettusais's counters the same(as in varietes of skincare products/makeups)? or is there any particular outlet u would personally recommend?

  10. thanks Sara! :)

    erm... the brush?? It's one of my old make up brushes... so maybe it was from estee (can't remember now)... maybe I shld get ettusais to sponsor me brushes ah!!! then can use in my demo videos! *hint* *Hint*:)


    qf- the membership is valid for a year, afterwhich u can renew by just buying another product :)

    All the ettusais counters stock the same products. Though the largest one is in Bugis(BHG). That's the first counter I came across years ago.. when I fell in love with the brand!

  11. Anonymous10:17 am

    i think you're doing a really great job as an ettusais ambassador! but i have some comments ( oh oh).

    about the 'accent', i think maybe some readers just prefer more natural, conversational tones in these kinda videos. i think the 'instructional' tone makes you seem quite distant and unnatural, probably from all the effort to 'neutralise any accent'.

    since proper enunciation is important to you, for future videos, you can probably work on your enunciation of 'the' because most times in the video it sounds like duh or dee. btw it's only pronounced like thee before a vowel sound. you said 'dee whole eye socket' for the first colour.

  12. Hmmm.. I'm not really conscious of switching between "Thee" and "Thuh" when saying the word THE... mostly comes naturally than something governed by rules.

    But you are speaking to an English Major, and teacher.. so it's your fault for bringing out the Grammar Geek in me..........

    so if we must get technical here... generally, when speaking, it is the SOUND that matters, not the letter used in WRITING a word.

    So we use a long "thee" before a vowel SOUND, not necessarily before a written vowel (a,e,,i,o,u).

    So saying "Thee whole eye socket" is ok, because the word WHOLE even though it starts with the consonant "W", is actually a vowel sound when spoken.

    Like Man of The Hour. Can (and should) be pronounced Man of THEE hour. Even though it starts with an H (consonant). plenty of other examples.. English is such an intriguing language isn't it. :)

    The different pronunciations of THE ( similar to why we have "A" and "an") actually exist because they flow better with different words. So when it comes to such articles in language, I do find that it's easier on us all if we just roll with it sometimes. :)

  13. Anonymous5:48 pm

    erm, IF your theory is to be believed "whole" does NOT begin with a vowel sound... unless you're french, are you french now? "whole" actually starts with the "h" sound. hello??!?? i know some very dumb english major and some very annoying english teachers who can't pronounce to save their lives. so it doesn't matter what you did in school. sorry. the accent in the video was pretty rough.

  14. Anonymous6:24 pm

    so much for the accent..

    with regards to the use of the brush,
    the stroke and direction for applying the eyeshadow(using brush or fingertip), you should start from the inner corner of your eyes and sweep outwards.

    nonetheless, your lids turn out lovely =)
    **maybe its because you have big pretty eyes to begin with.

  15. Anonymous1:30 am

    ohh. Okie~ thanks holly~ ^^ ya i went pass the bugis outlet once too weeks ago. =b & thats the only one i passby..thats why i asked u whether its same at the others outlets? suddenly realise wat a stupid question i asked u ah~ haha! sure its the same at every Ettusais outlet, sry bout that~ opps! xD haha!

  16. Anonymous9:34 am

    lol i dont get it, so what if there is an accent or no accent?
    this need for people to critic posts not on their intended content which in this case is how to put make up on, but on piddling little things. maybe someone should blog about that?
    I would say in defense of HJ at least she tries.

    annonymous 3

  17. Anonymous12:53 am

    This is the first time I read that 'whole' is pronounced with a silent 'h'. Shocked at finding out that I might just have committed that dire mistake my entire adult life, I had the pronunciation checked.

    And yes, 'whole' is pronounced with a distinct 'h'!

    So poor Anonymous 10.17 has been lectured unnecesarily by an English Major. Little wonder this irks some readers. I would, too, had I been longwindedly lectured by a teacher who hadn't done their due dilligence.

    Pardon my jest, Holly Jean ;)))


  18. Anon 6.24-

    The reason I don't start at the inner corner of the eye when applying my eyeshadow is because, the brush is most loaded (even when tapped) at that first point.
    So i prefer to start it at the middle and brush is out and then brush it in. so the lightest coverage will end up at teh inner eye. Maybe it's the way my eye's shaped or something but I do feel it works better on me taht way, and the make up looks lighter and the eyes don't look heavy.

    But thank you for tht tip!

    P/s- I also use a slant brush tip (usually for eyebrows).. which is unorthodox really for eyeshadow application as most wld use a spnge tip applicator or a little flat brush. But I just find it works better for me :)

  19. Hi Lee :)

    If you had the time to watch the video multiple times (like anonymou10.17 did) you would have realised that Whole wasn't pronounced with a silent H. I say it with a soft H.

    But of course, I don't expect that you would waste your time on something so trivial.

    Why is it ok for anon 10.17 and yourself to be condescending (if only but in jest)... but not for me? If it irked some readers, then I apologise but I have no control over how anal people can be.

    As mentioned in my earlier comment (in response to anon10.17),
    "The different pronunciations of THE actually exist because they flow better with different words."

    So if I pronounce my WHOLE with a soft H, and I find that saying "THEE Whole Eye Area" rolls off my tongue easier than "THE whole eye area"... then.. that's the way I am going to say it.

  20. Anonymous3:41 pm

    hi holly

    i meant during the process of applying the eyeshadow, the stroke of your brush each time should start from inner corner sweep out. Lift your brush up and start from the inner corner of the eye again and sweep out. Your brush doesn't go back and forth on the lids(like you doesn't leave your lids).

    you mention your brush is loaded (even when tapped) at first point. probably thats because you are using a slanted brush.
    **maybe you can get a brush that has softer bristles. brow brush bristles are too stiff to work with to get a smooth finish. just a suggestion.

    i prefer to use my fingertips. =)
    i can control the pressure, lightness or how heavy i want the colours to turn out. and also blending the colours to soften it, would be a breeze.
    **maybe you would like try it. =)

    im no makeup guru..
    just sharing some tips.

    p.s: poor thing, have to defend your "accent".

  21. Anonymous11:33 pm

    Hi Holly,
    This is an "In Love with Colours" post about make-up with an instructional video right, that's free to read and watch??

    Why "the" english 101? "twats!"

    Hmmm, why do we all have to sound the same, look the same, wait, hasn't someone tried this before 60 odd years ago.

    Great post Holly.


  22. I am sure most people know that there are difference pronunciations of THE and A, and a whole lot of other words depending on where you're from and I don't care how people pronounce them and what accent people have as everyone is entitled to their preferences. I just found the lengthy explanation about the different pronunciations to Anon 10.17 funny so I gave my two pence of worth.

    And Smash, what's with the 'twats' name-calling?


  23. Anonymous8:10 am

    hey holly jean.

    i tried saying "theE whole" and "the whole" as you explained it... with a soft H too see which "flowed better".

    i have come to the conclusion that you have to say "the whole eye area" like a pretentious-anal-twat -who-thinks-she's-being-real-sophisticated-and-graceful-and-claims-that-it's-her-natural-way-of-speaking.

    it works!!! you're right!!

  24. Anonymous8:55 pm

    basically when applying eyeshadow, you start at the point where you want most of the color to be. so by starting in the middle, that area will have that strongest color. (i've learnt this from an expert!)

    so if that's what Holly wants, to "blend" the colors so that it appear less strong on the inner corner, then she's applying it correctly!

    anyway, this is her way of applying it, she's just sharing with her readers what's HER way of applying eyeshadows. she's not giving some English lesson here.

    so cut her some slack! well, on the brighter side, if she ain't as half as popular as she is, readers wouldn't really care if she said "THEE" or "THE".

  25. Anonymous10:20 pm

    it's not just about THE and THEE. if u read my original comment, it's also that she says DUH and DEE half the time (with the d sound not th).

    it's not that i'm anal, but since she told the first 2 who called her out on the "fake" accent that she was just making it a point to enunciate her words clearly, all i did was to point out that actually, if she was so meticulous about pronunciation, this is something she could pay more attention to.

    i don't know why people are getting so worked up! my comments were constructive... that maybe, note maybe, some people just prefer a more casual conversational tone, is this not a valid point to make? i didn't say she had to change it. i didn't even say she had an accent, if u notice, i put the word in inverted commas, cos i think whether it's a fake accent or not is arguable. i was just trying to make sense of the reactions of those who didn't like the video. and my other point to watch her enunciation more... is this not valid either, especially since she made a big deal about her enunciation efforts to start with?

    anyway... get well soon holly.

  26. Anonymous1:18 am

    it's not that the readers give a shit or not about her pronunciation. it's just that if you start a blog like this, with the whole "ask holly cos she knows everything about sex and make up" vibe, then you have to be prepared for people to challenge you on your know-it-all attitude.

    or who knows? maybe the readers just really CANT STAND the way she speaks? maybe she should just stick to writing. there's a great tendency for some stupid singaporeans who think that they speak well because they have an accent but go on to make a train wreck out of their enunciation of words. maybe some readers are just more savvy to that? more so than holly jean herself?

    the point is, you want to put yourself on a public domain like the internet? then be prepared to have people cast their opinion on you!

  27. Yes yes... I've already said it a few times before that I am not stopping people from having opinions about me.

    I'm well aware that a blog is a public domain.

    But of course you cannot expect me to not have a response and just take it lying down.

    Just because I feel like responding to people's opinions, doesn't mean I'm saying Shut Up You Know Nothing.

    Be reasonable here.

  28. Anonymous10:55 am

    I think it's a small thing blown way out of proportion. Singaporeans just don't enunciate well in general and actually making an effort to pronounce our "th"s would feel unnatural to majority of the population.
    That said, this is a an extremely clear-cut case. Holly's pronunciation is wrong.

  29. Anonymous1:27 pm

    ok la.. nabei.. shut up la. say it's a small thing blown out of proportion and then still add your comment to it. so irritating.

  30. Anonymous12:45 am

    yes holly is wrong. she should just shut up and write. nabei.

  31. Anonymous1:52 pm

    These are impressive articles. Keep up the noble be successful.


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