I Missed My TV Slot!

Last Sunday, After12 aired on Channel News Asia. In that episode, I show Jamie Aditya (former MTV Vj) around some places in Singapore. But somehow, no one from the production company told me. So I missed the programme on CNA!
Good news is, there's a repeat at 9.30am and 2.30pm this Saturday 21st Feb (tomorrow!).
It's a travel show that features the night life in major Asian cities. In this episode, find out what goes on when night falls upon metropolitan Singapore. Or just watch it to have a laugh at my expense (!)
I hope it turned out okay. And I hope I got the episode right and it's not a repeat of some other episode that I'm NOT IN!!!!!!


  1. Anonymous7:51 am

    wor~ 9:30am? ^^ kk im gonna catch that show later~! haha! "lets" watch it together dan holly~ XD

  2. Anonymous10:15 am

    >.< btw...ur 1st pic in this post! ur back looks so smoothhh~~~~! HAHA!
    *envy envy envy* XD

    yup u got the 9:30am slot correctly~ caus i just finished it~ haha! & enjoyed it too~ ^^ way to go holly~

  3. Anonymous9:56 pm

    Why do you speak with a slang when you were not bred overseas? Cut the slang and be who you are. It's easy to mistake you as a SPG.

  4. Oh... I dunnoe... maybe it's because I live to please myself, and not you.

  5. To be fair, its not really a slang. Its just english with proper enunciation and articulation. Most unfortunately, most average Singaporeans have difficulty doing so. Sadly, its these very same Singaporeans that don't appreciate it when someone can speak english better than them <3

  6. Reading Anonymous's comment, while listening to the Sesame St's tune really killed me. Hahaha !!!

    p/s: Holly -- you sound just nice, gal ;)

  7. Sorry Anon 9:56
    But SPGs speak bad english, with dictions not clearly pronounced, especially at end of words, and grammar all over the place. (But man, if you want to talk about SPGs, they give asian woman a bad name ).
    It is funny when people seem to be uncomfortable when I speak with a slighly Brit-accented English until they find out that I am not local, and they appear relieved at last. I reckon it's kinda hard for locals to want to speak good english because of societal expectation not to?

  8. Not really. I got this hint of an american accent in me and I speak rather well....well...enough to impress overseas friends =D


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