Acne Problems?

Hi Holly Jean,
I seem to be having some acne problems on my back. It's not alot but it will be seen as dark spots after healing. And it might take a very long time to disappear.

Because of this, I don't dare to wear sleeveless tops which reveals my back. I use body lotion everyday but it doesn't seem to do the trick. So i was wondering if you could recommend me any cream or something which is both cheap and effective cause I'm a teenager on a budget. Hope to see your reply soon. Thanks!

Love, Troubled Back


Dear Troubled Back

Growing up, I had a phase where I had acne (on my face!). It was depressing! I tried everything to get rid of it including antibiotics. None of them worked.
I changed my pillowcase every 2 days, and never used a face towel more than once. I don't do that anymore, because I no longer have acne problems but I found that such habits did help the situation at the time.

You may want to check out these tips:

1. Don't squeeze pimples! Either let them dry out on its own or use something to help it dry out. Becareful with anything 10%benzoyl or higher as it can burn and leave a blemish. The good news about blemishes (dark spots after the pimple is gone) is that it will disappear in a matter of weeks... they're not there forever!

2. Get a good back scrubber (not something too rough like Loofahs!) or wash cloth so that you can unclog the pores on your back. Gently clean your back everyday in the shower with a mild cleanser. Your face cleanser will do or maybe you'd want to check out ettusais acne body wash.
3. After your shower, avoid rubbing the skin dry as it can spread any infection and irritate your skin. Just dab.

3. Don't sun your back, it will only aggravate the condition. But you should let your skin breathe- Try to leave most of your back bare (moderate amount of sunshine is ok) and don't cover it up under synthetic fabric all the time either.

4. Drink plenty of water, your skin will love you for it.

5. If you have long hair, try to keep it off your back.
Don't let a few blemishes keep you from wearing clothes which reveal your back! Your're young! Enjoy life and don't fret over a few spots! If you are self-conscious about the belmishes, use a concealer (check out ettusais acne concealer) and dab on to your spots.

Good Luck! (And keep me updated)

Holly Jean

P/s- readers - any advice/tips/remedies for troubled back? Do help her by leaving your suggestions in the comments section!


  1. Hey can anyone tell me how to contact "ask holly jean"? do i write and email or what??

  2. just email me at :)

  3. Anonymous11:31 am

    try bleaching your belmishes with pure Lemon juice.

  4. i've always believed that exercise and eating right solves many problems. be it weight or complexion.

    beauty from within DOES radiate out. be healthy and you'll feel good and look good!

    FYI: Dieting doesn't mean NOT eating. It means eating the right type and amounts of food.

    (no, i don't work for the Health Ministry)


  5. Anonymous12:50 pm

    Remember to exfoliate and apply lightening body lotion! Cannot be lazy, must do it everyday regligiously! Hope that helps!

    p/s Love your blog holly! :)

  6. Anonymous10:24 am

    adequate rest do helps too? n dont slp too late? having habit of slping at a regular timing do helps? =x i think so?
    & if ur a fried/deep-fried food lover? having less oily diet may helps too? not totaly cut off? but just try to control n cut down on them? =x

  7. Anonymous4:42 pm

    Hi holly jean.thanks for ur advice on how to keep the face clean and getting rid of acne.But i am just wondering if the products are only suitable for adults or teengers are suitable for using the products too?Do you think the brand "clean and clear" is good?Beacuse i am currenly using it and i think is not effective and i have senstive skin.Any brand for pimples and facial wash to introduce?

  8. hi anon 4.42

    I did try clean and clear eons ago when J&J first launched it. Not sure if the formula has changed now, but I did find it too harsh. LIke my face was too tight and squeaky after washing, and even after moisturising. not good in my opinion.

    products mentioned in the post wld be ok for adults and teens alike. Gentle stuff.


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