Ettusais Eye Zone Essences

I used to have a colleague at work. Let's call her Vee. Not many people liked Vee, but what struck me the most about her was her bad concealer. The space beneath her eyes were obviously patchy and cakey looking... very unattractive!

And it's not as if she was using cheap stuff... she's ultra brand conscious...( and makes it a point to brag about it too).

Personally, I hate thick concealers! I don't use them because I can never blend them in well enough.I'm so glad that ettusais has come up with 2 wonderful eye-care products to give round the clock protection and treatment!

Eye Zone Tinted Colour Essence (S$39)It's a moisturiser that treats dark eye circles during the day. It comes in a handy pen form, with a soft brush on the end.

I lightly brush the essence on my eye area (including eyelid). And then use my fingertips to lightly pat the essence in. There's no patch of beige which "conceals", instead the tint in this essence neutralises the dark patches, and works as a make up base which will hold my foundation well.

What I get in the end is an even colour, and natural finish, ideal for when I don't want to use any foundation or make up after. I also find that my eye shadow colours are more vibrant now because I have a good eye base. (Colours used to always appear dull on my eyelids, and I always thought it was because I was tanned)

Eye Zone Massaging Essence for night use (S$56)As the name suggests, you pump the essence on your fingertip and then gently massage the clear liquid around your eye area.

The massaging improves circulation around the eye area, and helps the skin absorb the essence. It's so light it absorbs very quickly and there's no sticky feeling.

Here are some simple massage tips: The eye area is the most important area on the face to maintain. The skin there is so delicate and will be the first place to show aging (wrinkles, crow's feet).

Give your face a treat girls! :)
ettusais counters are at:
BHG (Bugis & Bishan)
ISETAN (Orchard, Scotts & Tampines)
METRO (Causeway Point & Paragon)
The GWP this season is a cute hot pink laptop bag and matching pencil case.


  1. Anonymous3:28 pm

    thnx for sharing massaging techniques. very useful.. i used to just rub my eyecream in lightly. but massage will help circulation. thanks!

    and that notebook bag is so pretty!

  2. Anonymous5:24 pm

    is there any samples of the eye essences?

  3. Anonymous11:11 pm

    Do you know the retail price of the products?

  4. oh thank you anon 11.11pm for tht qn, it completely slipped my mind when I was writing the post. :) I've updated it already. The tinted essence is $39 and the massaging essense is $56.


    anon 5.24 pm - I will let readers know about samples asap. thanks.

  5. Anonymous12:37 pm

    Hi, I log on to your new stuff daily. Your story-telling style is witty, keep up the good


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