Guess Holly Jean's Body Part GAME

I'm so tickled.. heee... let's play a quick game here!

Guess Holly Jean's Body Parts

Instructions: Each of the following pictures is of a particular place on my body.

Guess all 4 Body Parts. Write your answers in the comments section of this post!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Check my blog for the Answers in 2 days!! :)

Remember- leave your answers in the comments.
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fictionalism said…
1. butt crack
2. navel
3. finger crack
4. lips
Anonymous said…
1. legs
2. navel
3. lips
4. clit

Anonymous said…
1. Legs
2. Navel
3. Lips
4. Lips
Lyle Gogh said…
1. the fold between your arm/elbow or thighs/kneecap

2. navel

3. Mouth, your tongue is sticking upwards

4. Still your Mouth, but you took it vertically and in bad lighting.
Here's my guess

1. Tighs
2. Navel
3. Tongue sticking out
4. Looks like number 3
YingYang@QS said…
1. Thighs
2. Belly button
3. Fingers!
4. Mouth?
Josh said…
1: The area around your knee
2: Belly button
3: Your hand covering fingers and revealing the fingernail
4: Your eye

What prize do I get? ^_^
Aerrox said…
1. legs
2. navel
3. palm
4. mouth
Evelyn G. said…
1. arm
2. navel
3. tounge
4. Lips

I hope im right @@
Unknown said…
1. Where thigh meets calf, when knees clenched

2. Tummy button

3. Lips with tongue

4. Not clit, but tongue again in some other highly erotic way
Anonymous said…
1. Right leg bent. pic of thigh and calf
2. Navel Button
3. Between Index finger and middle finger with thumb in between
4. Dodgy picture... Corner of your eye

Did I get it right?? Did I?? Did I??
Unknown said…
1. Knee/Calf joint
2. your pusat
3. Lips
4. Scrotum
Anonymous said…
Pussy for all of them
Lyle Gogh said…
i think number 1 =

Your boobs, the cleavage... not sure why ... but i think it is !
Anonymous said…
1. arm being folded
2. navel
3. ur hand covering ur other hand
revealing the back of 1 of ur finger
4. the corner of ur eye
Anonymous said…
wtf? all put so decent answers. come on guys show ur real color. it cant be jus that?!!!
Anonymous said…
(1)Thigh Fold
Anonymous said…
Hmmm let me see...

1. 38DD breasts encased in a La Perla brassiere...

2. Shrapnel wound from a mortar round during the Tet Offensive in the general environs of Keh Sanh.

3. Quite obviously, large penis head in anus

4. Labia Majora, as photographed from Mars Rover on the Victoria Crater
Anonymous said…
1. thighs (or butt crack)
2. belly button (er is this supposed to be your anus?)
3. lips (pussy?)
4. fingering your hand (or a small penis swooshing in a big pussy)
Anonymous said…
1. Both your knees
2. navel
3. Finger
4. still lip with tongue


Michael JR said…
1. - Knee (Legs)
2. - Naval (Belly Button)
3. - Finger Spacing (Thumb going through the Index & Middle Fingers)
4. - Eyes (Corner of eye)