Holly Jean's Body Parts Game ANSWERS

As promised.... Here are the full pictures and answers.

Part 1


My Favourite reader answer: 38DD breasts encased in a La Perla brassiere (What an elaborate imagination! But I don't think any circumference on my entire body stretches up to 38 inches!)

Part 2
ANSWER: My Torso/Belly Button

My fav. reader answer: ok.. most people got this right... except the one person who said everything was pussy

Part 3


My Fav reader answer: large penis head in anus (Haha)

Part 4

ANSWER: It was the corner of My Eye! (and rotated the pic...Got you with this one didn't I?!)

My Favourite reader answer: Scrotum (I should be insulted with this one shouldn't I??!! lol)


I'd like to thank everyone for being such a good sport and playing my silly game. :) Hope you had a bit of fun.

Am a Happy Girl for now :)



Anonymous said…
Dont you lie to me, I know all are you pussy
Holly Jean said…
haha..oh shut up!
Unknown said…
hi. the part 3 was really unexpected..at least for me =)
Anonymous said…
I am new here... didn't get to play this game as I came into this blog and looked at the answers first.

Will there be another?