My World Out In The Boonies

I live in Pasir ris... and since the taxi fare hike, it's easily a $30 taxi ride into town now (madness!) ... But I like living here because the air is fresher, there are long stretches of secluded beach and the streets are less busy.

But some friends of mine refer to my place as 'out in the boondocks'... or where the chicken farms are. And yes, though there aren't any farms perse.. I do kinda live out in the boonies.
We even have a street peddlar who goes from block to block hawking. This old man sells Rojak. You can find him cycling his mobile shop around, every evening. I love it! I think it gives my neighbourhood character.

Yesterday, when my brother and I reached the carpark, the Rojak Man was there at the foot of my block.
So, greedy me went to buy some Rojak and told my Bro to take pictures secretly from behind...
Only $2! Oh and in case you're wondering why I am not wearing any shoes... it's a habit of mine to take my shoes off in the car, and I decided that it would be easier to just pop back home without putting my boots back on.
SO... I DO HAVE SHOES OK... I'm not really some bare-foot village girl, even though I do live out in the boonies.
And DON'T leave comments about the old man and I having matching shirts ok!
Do you have anything unique in your neighbourhood?
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  1. *ignores warning*

    Oh wow! The old man and you have matching shirts!


  2. Anonymous9:11 pm

    Man, my neighbourhood is like the United Nations. In Petain Road, just off Jalan Basar, we got everyone from 'ladies of the night' of varrying nationalities, to a Swiss house share, a very wealthy Porsche-owning Australian/Sri-Lankan couple, to a Korean hostel and a Nigerian workers' house. Did I mention the Singaporean grandmother and grandchild opposite?

    For all the sometime blanking glances we pass to one another in our mixed community, the minute I smile at anyone I pass, I always get a smile back. It's like everyone breathes out and says, yeah, we're all in 'this' [world] together.

    The Beatles were right in saying, 'All you need is love'. So actually, from that point of view, my neighbourhood is not unique at all.


  3. Emile... So U live in THAT part of town.

    Krisandro... *slap*

  4. Anonymous3:55 am

    i wish i had rojak in MY area :(

  5. Hey Holly..I've seen the old man at my block too but have yet to buy from him cos my dad says his rojak is too spicy. And my 2yo daughter also can mimic the "rojak,rojak" call when she hears him :)

    raihana - ccss

  6. HI Raihana!!!

    :) Yes.. I know what you're talking about... I mimic him too... (hahaha.. shame on me.. doing what a 2 year old does!!!) hee hee...
    it sounds like "Low - Jiak! LowJiak!" right?? heehee

    and yes.. it's too spicy

  7. Whoa. That's awesome that you have street peddlers. Definitely don't have those where I live. Instead it's just a massive college town with loads of poor students trying to pretend they're rich. Hope that works out for them.

  8. Anonymous11:53 pm

    Emile, thou art very observant. Either that or you must be a PI.


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