Little Known Fact About Holly Jean

I can sew. And I have Barbie to thank for that.No shit.

When I was a little girl, I used use scrap pieces of cloth and cut up my own clothes to make little dresses for all my barbie dolls. That was how I spent most of my afternoons after school. And my little brother would sit there and watch me because he was too young to participate then. Those were the days.

My brother can't sew for nuts though... I would have thought that some of it would have rubbed off on him...

This skill came in useful when I was a scrawny teenager and most clothes off the rack didn't fit me... I could always bring up the hem, take the sides in, not a problem.

At University, when I was involved in theatre productions, I used to enjoy sewing the costumes. But I soon got tired of it because of the ingratitude. During a full dress rehearsal of The Crucible, I was backstage and one of the lead actressess (no.. not you Zel), went backstage for her costume change and just chucked her costume on the floor and walked off. I had to pick up after her and hang it on the rack. That was a "What The Fuck?" moment for me. And also the last time I ever did costumes for theatre ( I was doing it for free as well!).

Anyway, most of the time, I help out with my brother's film productions now with costumes, and make up and hair. And it's actually quite fun.

Hard at work at rehearsals of Hard Boiled Eggs)

And it helps that I can sew my own dresses and design my own shoes every now and again so I don't have to wear something someone else already is.

My Ex hated this outfit. haha. (I didn't make the jacket though)

Hot PInk 69 sequinnes Mary JanesMint Green Cherry Pop Mary Janes

Hot Pink Top (Though you can't really see it in this pic)

Robin Hoodette dress

A few months ago, I thought of sewing my own line of dresses and selling them online. I even designed the logo for it (Yes, another unknown fact about me, I like dabbling in graphic designing)
I'd call it Cherry Pop ... because that's generally what my creations would be like. But after some calculations, I realised that the time I invest in sewing every piece would not be worth my while, profit wise. I guess I could engage a seamstress to sew my creations... but I don't know. Maybe next time, I'll start my Cherry Pop Shop... I just don't feel like investing that much effort in it right now.

:) OK. Hope you enjoyed this little known fact about me...
I promise I'll blog about something proper the next time round. haha.


  1. I bet that you won't design any maroon colour clothing? ^_^

  2. If the barget for your clothing business don't need to much I might consider join in as well :)

  3. :)

    Josh: yep.. no maroon.. mostly pink!

    Blue: no idea abt the budget.

  4. I think I know who to find when I join singing competition in Singapore:Holly Jean!!!


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