You can't get HIV off a toilet seat!

A couple of days ago, there was a post on INNIT, something like "Virgin contracted AIDS" and when I clicked on it, it was a blogger Marc commenting that his friend's friend (Mary), the poor girl, sat on a dirty toilet in a hospital and contracted AIDS!

You can't get the HIV virus off a toilet seat! Didn't they teach you that somehwhere in the 90s?

I then proceeded to write on his tag board something like "Don't believe Mark. You cannot get AIDS from a toilet".

And soon enough, I received a nasty reply on my tag board.

He's right, it's his blog he can write what he wants. If I don't like what he blogs, I don't have to visit it. (Believe me, I won't be back)

I've only been there once, and that was when I saw his TRUE story warning readers NOT to use public toilets in hospitals because his friend's friend contracted AIDS from using it! And that's utter nonsense. I can't believe any educated adult of our time would buy into that story. So I felt compelled to write a comment on his tagboard to say that you cannot get AIDS from a dirty toilet seat. But he took such offense with my comment... to the point that he came to my blog and told me to "keep your stupid bimbotic comments to yourself".

This I find... extremely unjustified. How is pointing out to the masses (that could be mislead by his post) that AIDS cannot be contracted off a toilet seat, a "stupid bimbotic comment"? Can someone explain? I really don't get it.

I am appalled that despite the wealth of information available on the HIV virus, people are still so ignorant.

To contract AIDS, there must be an exchange of bodily fluids and these fluids must enter the blood stream of the person recieving the virus. Example if you have a blister on you buttock and it breaks when you are sitting on the toliet seat and you have AIDS, the virus is now on that seat. Since the virus can only live outside the body for a extremely short peroid of time, a person would have to then immediately sit down on that seat and have a open sore in the exact place that virus is now on the seat.

From wiki answers: HIV is a retro virus that has a very short lifespan especially when exposed to air.
For someone to acquire HIV from a toilet seat there would have to be some extremely FRESH biological matter present (semen) and the person who sits on this deposit of matter would have to have an open wound that makes direct contact with the semen.
I say semen because the concentration of the HIV disease in other bio waste is not high enough to be viable.
To sum it is close to impossible to get AIDS (HIV) from a toilet seat.

The HIV virus is actually a quite delicate, easily killed virus. It does not survive outside of its human carriers for more than short periods... It really would take quite a large innoculum (viral load) before there would be a statistically possible transfer. Health care workers have these minor exposures all the time. If it were this deadly, we all would have been gone a long time ago.

So the only way this "Mary" girl in his post could have realistically contracted AIDS while sitting on a toilet would be if she were fucking a HIV infected man at the same time.. on the toilet.

Either that or, the toilet seat in that particular hospital has razor sharp spikes. And our poor virgin (friend of his friend) despite seeing a bloody or semen covered toilet seat, covered with skin piercing spikes, still sat on it and took a shit.
Ok, Marc, sorry if I insulted you because I used the common spelling for Mark instead of Marc. My mistake on that one.

But really Marc, if your blog is supposed to be about your "Transcendental Perspectives of Life" and you truly believe that getting AIDS from a toilet seat is your friend's true story, then you need to get a book on AIDS and read it.


  1. I am saying to you again, I do not care what you believe in, its for my other readers, so don't ride on the popularity of my post by doing a sequel! Lame!

  2. Anonymous8:01 am

    the key phrase is "friend's friend" which is a common phrase for urban legend. so the story might not be real.

  3. Anonymous9:32 am

    I'll support Holly with or without your stupid blog.. Please.. you've only been through kindergarten? the only disease your friend's friend 'Mary" contracted was probably the stupidity from you.. Gosh.. I'm sure they do teach you in phychological classes or something which they call induced behaviour..

  4. Anonymous10:09 am

    erm.. Marc... ride on the popularity of your post?


  5. Who exactly is this "Mary" who is a virgin and contracted AIDS from a toilet seat. You should call the press.. if it's true, you really have one Big news worthy story here. She should also be able to sue this hospital with AIDS ridden toilet seats. A lot of money there. She's the first in the world. I think the whole world should be warned about it then.

  6. You are correct Ms. Holly Jean.

  7. Anonymous1:48 pm

    Holly!! I get it...MARY was MARK'S ex-gf!!! no wonder he's so sure of the damned story!! ROFLMAO! oh either that or he's just trying to generate more hits by posting some incredulously stupid stuff...ya such thing as bad publicity..
    Whatever it is I'm inclined to think that mary was Mark's gives him more credibility this way...

    right m a r K?? and why not take a shit standing from now on... the crap might be on your home toilet seat after Mary took a dump there too. Warn mama and dada... they might not know of such things...


  8. Anonymous1:49 pm

    really fail wei. he doesn't even care about the facts and reality, he just says that he thinks he can blog anything he wants.

  9. You guys do not even dare to leave your URL and leaving anonymous comments, so why bother? Have some guts, like me, because I dare to comment with my URL when I know this post is about me.

    To all the anonymous gutless creatures out there, I seriously don't think you guys have high intellect as well.

    And Jean? Hollyjean? If you realise my name MARC is all over the blog, so if you can still spell my name wrongly, go get yourself a tutor before you start leaving nasty remarks, and posing as various people to leave comments. MARK common? Do u even know what you are talking about.

    Once again, for those who wants to leave comments, have balls!

  10. Oh goodness this fight is so silly. Holyy IS right tho.

  11. Shoot, now I’ve contracted the unable-to-spell-blogger’s-name-titis! Sorry Holly.

  12. Marc... not all my readers are bloggers, so they don't have URLs.. how dare u accuse me of writing my own comments. I'm sure if u really wanted to, there'd be a way of checking the IP addresses or somethin....

    DK.. hey girl.. it's been a while since i heard frm u :)

  13. Marc.. I already apologised for mispelling your name ok.

    "Ok, Marc, sorry if I insulted you because I used the common spelling for Mark instead of Marc. My mistake on that one. " This was written in my blog post.

    Pls don't keep bringing it up.

  14. Anonymous11:55 pm

    wow this looks fun.
    but really, you have to get your facts straight. because if what marc or mark claims is true, then i am sure a quarter of the population will be down with AIDS.

    as i've said before, it is possible to contract AIDS thru toilet seats, but only if there's a patients ICF(intracellular fluid) with your friend's open wound at the arse.

    but still, marc or mark or mak or macs, do not over generalize.
    yes you can write what you want, but have some integrity/dignity to write something true.

    ding ding ding. the round ends here.

  15. Anonymous1:37 am

    I wanted to post the same comment in marc's blogpost saying something like: "You can't get HIV off a toilet seat!"

    Then i read his post again. Aids was never mention anywhere in the blog post.
    STD however could be airborne. (not sure about this but I read somewhere that there are variations of STD that are airborne.)

  16. Okay, so despite this possible STD, HIV, AIDS discrepancy, has anyone notices that Marc's virgin is named Mary? Is this like the Virgin Mary of Christianity story meets the evils of the modern world?

  17. Hi 3point8,
    I didn't realise he didn't mention AIDS in his whole post... strange.. When I looked at the screenshot I took before, the title of his post itself is "Virgin Contracted AIDS" , I've not been back to his blog since, so not sure if he's changed stuff or what...

  18. Anonymous1:25 pm

    the sonofabitch changed it...stupid mofo


  19. Anonymous8:20 pm

    Good job, Holly! You have made Marc correct his post. Quite obviously he wasn't aware that every STD is not AIDS.

  20. miss holly, i dun wanna spam yr tag, so i comment =p anyway when i read yr post, i was like WTF. i ever heard of this guy before. (coincidence) he was accused of spamming someone's blog by one of my close friends. but i think he is kind of a petty guy, cos when he was accused, he acted so pathetically just by insulting that person on his blog (happened to my friend as well). not creative lo. -.- seriously, he should like DARINGLY think of some ideas to make u angry or frustrated instead of using a usual schoolgirl method of insulting someone on his blog. Miss Holly, for that, i totally support you. marc is just being plain petty n childish. luckily he edited his post to make ppl think less shallow of him.

  21. Anonymous3:15 am

    people has freedom to write anything they want. it is up to the readers to decide what to believe. nothing makes marc deserve such REPUTATION.

  22. Anonymous4:23 pm

    marc: i dare to put my url. :P

    holly: I agree with you. If she really get HIV after sat on toilet seat, she can sue the hospital. If i were here, i will sue the hospital and get a lot of money. $_$

  23. LOL! *rolls eyes*

    I don't think they teach science over where "Mark" lives.

  24. Ok, that Marc guy has some issues. I'm cool with the whole idea of you blog whatever you want on your blog but he's making a mountain out of a molehill with the weird accusation that you post your own comments and stuff. And what's the biggie about his name?! I'm seriously amused.

  25. Too lazy to read thru all the messages, one glance and can tell its really quite pointless arguing about spelling . I type wrongly all the time too, doesnt mean a shit.

    Anyway one really cant contract AIDS from a toilet seat. Thanks to holly for stemming the false message.

  26. Anonymous2:36 am

    I don't understand why you need to apologize so many times over misspelling his name. From what I saw throughout his comments. He is just a rude and childish person.

    His friend's story is just one of the many internet hoaxes. If people would only take some time to research those stories from e-mail, words of mouth, etc, they will find out that a lot of them are just hoaxes. Internet hoaxes are as bad as spams, and the world will be a better place without them.

  27. Marc acts like a 5 yr old. He has pathetic command of the english language but think otherwise. AND I am saying this in my status as a 16 yr old =) Lovely.

  28. Anonymous4:51 am

    So drunk...

    No matter

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  30. Anonymous2:22 pm

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