Allow Me To Save You From Infidelity

Cheating is very common in relationships... so be mature about it and if you see it coming, then do something to stop it.

If you're in a relationship... look out for these signs that could mean you're going to be a cheat... fix it before you fall into Moral Carnage!

1. You feel the grass is greener on the other side.
You feel that you could've done better. You look at the options walking around you ( girls with nice asses.. or men with great shoulders... whatever your fancy) ... and you feel like you've settled for less than you deserve. If you're feeling dissatisfied with what you have, chances are... when something seemingly better tempts you... Cheat Alert!

Holly Jean's tip: If you want to be single, be single. Nothing wrong with that.
If you want to be in a relationship, then do so. If your desire to be with other partners overrides your happiness with the one you're with, then maybe it's time to let him/her go.

2. You need to prove that you "still got it".
For some reason, having a great partner sometimes isn't enough; we need to prove our self worth and prowess by flirting with and pulling others.

Holly Jean's Tip: Seriously... chances are you won't be happy when you lose your partner because you felt this incredible need to grab the ass of a babe/hunk just to feel better.

3. You're a Trophy in a competition
To some people, you're more attractive when you're attached. If you have a GF , some women will jump at the opportunity to "show her up." The same goes for men too. Most of the time, it's just a game that ends once he or she has proven their point and stroked their egos. If you respond in even the slightest way, they will feel like they won.

Holly Jean's Tip: Don't be a fool. Show your partner that you can be trusted and you're serious about your relationship ...and you can feel good about the fact that you rejected a hot one.

4. You're taken for granted
This is a surefire way to encourage cheating. All the things you do in the relationship are now "expected." Before you know it, you're constantly at odds with your partner and getting along swimmingly with the "others".

Holly Jean's Tip: Tell your partner that he's/she's taking advantage of your generosity and is no longer appreciative of the things you do. Also make sure you're not doing the same to your partner... usually with time... both partners seem to get too comfortable and take each other for granted.

5. He/She let themselves go.
If you've done the same, then you have no right to complain. But if you've maintained your appearance and your partner put on 20 pounds or aged a decade in the last year, then your eye may start to wander.

Holly Jean's Tip: Do stuff together which would benefit the both of you... commit to working out together at the gym... or dedicate a special time each night before bed (or weekly) to pampering each others bodies with scrubs/ lotions/ oils/ massages...

6. Things are moving too fast (or too slow)
Do you feel pressured to commit too soon? Or are you emotionally ready for a mature relationship but your partner isn't? Your needs are mismatched. You're both going to feel a void.

Holly Jean's Tip: Communicate. Be realistic with time frames. Compromise.


If you see any of these signs in your relationship... then you don't need to cheat on your partner--- you need to break up with them.


  1. Anonymous1:23 pm

    I feel #1 sometimes, #2 sometimes, #3 not at all, #4 most times and #5 most times too. I'm searching for an answer on the 6th one. How can I choose to leave to avoid marring something I've worked so hard to build? Its like death: by shotgun? or razors? I'm still taking the pills...


  2. Anonymous10:45 pm

    holly, hope you've grown up since you wrote that... you can be so wise sometimes and yet so silly-- as a teenager who only sees black or white, perfect relationship or break up... there are many other colours as there are many solutions how to overcome and fix small/big hiccups in the relationship. and it always requires work and lots, lots of patience


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