So You've got him... Should You Keep Him?

Getting a man is not difficult... Happiness forever after is not about getting A man... it's about getting THE man. The right one for you.

So after you get a man, and get to know him better... ask yourself- Should I keep him?

Here are a list of questions I've come up with that you should ask yourself when you're deliberating whether you should bring up the sails and cruise with him or bail on a sinking ship before it takes you down with it.

Holly Jean's Top 5 Questions if you're wondering:

Should You Keep Him?

1. Do you feel like he wants you?

Being appreciated, needed and desired is a key ingredient to feeling good in a relationship.

2. Has he achieved in at least one area of his life (career/ business/ decent car/ own property) ?

I'm not being materialistic here, just realistic. By this point of his life, he should have at least achieved one thing. (I am assuming he's not a teenager of course)

3. Does he make plans for the future (with you in it) ?

Does he talk about what he wants his life to be like in 5 years? 10 years? Does he mention you as part of those plans?

4. Does he have good friends and do you like what he is like when he's with them?

Friends are a crucial part of anybody's life, they're always going to be around. You can't live in isolation. So if you're uncomfortable with his friends and what he is like when he's with them... it spells a whole lot of trouble, worry and arguments in the future.

5. Is he willing to learn from his mistakes and modify his actions?

For instance, if he begins a friendship with a smitten or flirtatious girl and you let him know that this is creating a problem, he will be concerned about your feelings and come up with a solution.

Good Luck! XXX


  1. Point 2 sounds a bit harsh to the guys - perhaps "working towards achieving..." would be a fairer statement, otherwise I foresee many girls dumping their guys who have just started out in their career.

    And btw my review on Persimmon is up! You can view the photos and read the full review @ His Food Blog.

  2. i like this post very much.. It sums up my fears and insecurity as a person in a relationship right now. :O

  3. HFB--> okay, yes a bit harsh.. point 2... just tht I am dating guys who are abt 30, so they wld have at least one of it...

    If they're a bit younger, of course we will have to keep it to our own discretion... :)

    CHERRY--> am so glad u liked it and were able to relate to it. It's readers like you who keep me blogging! :)

  4. Ok, I'm going to keep these questions in mind and continue to work hard..

  5. *Phew* thank goodness I have a few more years to work on it. ;)

  6. Matters of heart, can never able be measured. You may set down a list of points to take note, but don't be surprised, the one you ends up falling head over heels in love with, fits NONE of it in the list.
    Well, that's why the song goes: "Wise man said, only fools, love you. But I can't help, falling in love with you" ...

  7. yes... that is so true!!! That's why I keep falling for the wrong guys!!!!

    :) And at first is so blissful.. blindly in love, then after a couple of years, problems start to set in and you start seeing people for who they really are. That's the time when I find myself having to decide whether or not I want to continue

  8. It's always a blessing in disguise when u have the option to ...

    ~ think whether u should continue;

    rather than...

    ~ I regret I didn't continue.

    Correct? :)


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