I live in Singapura

OK guys, just to make this clear... I'm no Hossan Leong fan. Once saw him outside The Necessary Stage many years back, and he was sashaying past, in an air of self-created importance... plus he was wearing a black TIGHT tank top. *shudder*

But I have to say, this song he created, in the tune of We Didn't Start The Fire, did bring a smile upon my face. OK.. so yeah... maybe I was a bit quick to judge him. I mean... the guy's gay... how else is he supposed to walk and dress! ( only joking)

Speaking of Gay, my boyfriend just purchased some very gay-esque tight, thin, undershirts. But he's not going to wear them as t-shirts... only as undershirts beneath his ski wear... so I guess that's OK.

You might have to be born and bred in Singapore in order to truly enjoy and understand the whole song though.

By the way.... I'm no Homophobe. I respect playwright Haresh Sharma and my former lecturer at NUS Dr KK Seet. And I think some men look really good in Sailor Suits. (Key word here being SOME )

If for some reason the video clip doesn't load- Pls visit: youtube.com and search Hossan Leong.