Our Perth-fect Holiday Lookbook

Had another relaxing and thoroughly enjoyable holiday in Perth during the June holidays this year. We spent most of our time in Margaret river, absolutely loved it there. Especially our Airbnb. Very idyllic. Didn’t want to leave…

Long relaxing drives (thanks to bubba)  to explore Margaret river and the vineyard and farms. Weather was excellent. Such a mild winter with lots of sunshine. My sweater and sweat pants for Kmart kids section so it was damn cheap hahha. Myla wears a black pink hoodie. MJ’s jacket from Uniqlo. 
At the cape Naturaliste look out point, just past the lighthouse. Super windy day.  
All shoes from Duozoulou (super comfy).  Myla wearing my dress (I packed very little clothes for myself cos I shared a suitcase with MJ and Myla. She packed far more outfits than me, and yet still wanna take my clothes -_-  lol). 
Drinks with Olivia and Simon after dinner at Lotus. 
Pjs from SHEIN . This was at our first Airbnb.  We stayed at 3 different airbnbs throughout our trip. This one ranks second. Margaret river ranks top for this trip and for all my airbnbs in my lifetime so far. 
Dress was a thrift store find :).  Can’t remember where I bought this cardigan from but it’s soooo soft. Bag from Tocco Toscano. It’s my every day staple bag now. 

My cousin Olivia who is like a sister. And probably one of my longest friendships (since birth lol). My white bandage dress from SHEIN. 

In Perth city, we had a small gathering. Not as large as the whole family gathering we had last year… because it was at our Airbnb and it had restrictions. I think next year we will get an even bigger place so we can include the whole family. 

These are the similar aged cousins… hope you guys will grow up with close loving bonds. Just like my cousin Olivia & I even though she lives and grew up in Perth while I am in Singapore. Myla’s dress from ASDA and MJs Pokemon outfit from SHEIN. 
The cropped sweater is the same one I wore for the Perth trip last year (I very seldom recycle my clothes ah. My wardrobe turnover is short. But I really love this piece). Adamson rented a truck this time round instead of a sedan car. We looooooved it! Such fun adventures! 
At Hillary’s Harbour.  Love this shot. 

Family shadow shot.  Guess who’s who. 
My long cardigan was from Kmart. :) will repeat it next trip.  So comfy. 
At McDonald’s! You know before we had MJ, I would never go for McDonald’s while overseas (even though I do like Maccas in Singapore) cos I want to eat local and explore other restaurants. But now with a picky eating child , McDonald’s in a godsend. A constant dependable food outlet so our son can eat something 😅. MJ wears a $3 Kmart top and sweat pants from Adidas. I’m wearing a thrift store skirt and Uniqlo heat tech top. 

My top is from Supre. And the hot pink cropped jacket is from cotton on, both from Watertown. 

Such a happy holiday. Not sure if the photos look good cos the Perth scenery is nice or the outfits nice (even though all inexpensive stuff)… or it’s because we were all so happy to be there. Looking forward to doing again next June.