Ndp 2024 music video shoot

Click here to watch the Official NDP 2024 music video A couple months ago, our little family got the chance to be in this year’s National Day Music Video -  “Not Alone”, sung by Benjamin Kheng. 

It was a half day shoot at East Coast Park in the late afternoon/ early evening. Adamson had to rush over from work… super busy but we were so glad he could make it and we could be a part of this as a family. 
As you know, a lot of the time on set is just waiting and getting hair and make up etc. So projbd of the kids for taking it in their stride and no fuss at all. 
It was a hot and extra humid day… (heat wave). Omg. But the crew did their best to keep us comfortable . πŸ‘πŸ»
Our scene was a birthday bbq celebration. It was my birthday and we were celebration with a group of friends. 
So many hours of filming for a few seconds of music video footage. πŸ˜…

It was a fun experience for the family. 
The kids learnt a lot from this experience. 
One for their memory books. 
I think they were also just excited to be out so Late (usually their bedtime is 6.30pm on weekdays hahahha). 
It’s been a looong while since I’ve been in front of a camera. Stress lol. 
I didn’t choose my wardrobe ah.  This was supposed to be set in the 90s I think. 
The talents for our segment of the video were a fun and friendly bunch. 
Great experience working with them. 

New friends made. Hope you are all well! 

 Click here to watch the Official NDP 2024 music video  (It just came out earlier this week!) ❤️