Platform 1904 - Wizard Cafe in Singapore

 A couple weeks ago, we took the kids to Platform 1904 which is a wizard themed cafe at 1904 Serangoon Road. 

Honestly went there with low expectations for food because I thought it would just be gimmicky and we just did it for the kids because Myla is a Harry Potter fan. But I was wronggggg ….
The food was quite the spectacle, yes, and the kids were wowed by the sparks, smoke & flames…. But OMG it actually tasted damn good too!  Like even if you’re not a Harry Potter fan, you should definitely go just for the food!
We had the steak done medium rare and it was juicy and tasty. Would not say it’s the best steak I’ve had (got high standards for steaks, esp since my husband makes the best ones for me). But at the price of $25 for this Charing Cross Road Angus Rib-Eye… it’s good value and taste for that price. Oh and the broccoli on it damn tasty (dunno what potion they put lol, I normally hate veg but I loved the broccoli here). It came with lots of smoke pouring out … look at MJ’s face above, he was so impressed haha. 
The pork ribs was falling off the bones, there was a nice glazed caramel taste to the meat. Must have! But this dish got no special effects.

This flying pasta cold dish was tasty too …. I forgot the name … and we also had the platform wings which was just deep fried wings with some floss on it (MJ loved that… he’s going through an I only eat chicken wings phase now ). 

This potion (mocktail) is the polyjuice brew .
This one the kids can’t drink cos got alcohol so we ordered it for daddy. 
But the kids took turns to ignite it… oh kudos to the staff at this cafe, very young crew but service top notch and very friendly. 
Very impressive!! Got fire 🔥 .  Take a date here and order this and make the fire big big to impress her hahaha 😆. 
Myla also had a second drink, their special Love potion (it’s a bit pricy though , think it was $19 … but can take home the bottle & the light up glowing ice cube inside it).
For me, I didn’t have any fancy drink, I just had a coke lol. Husband & I don’t need the love potion… already very in love 🥰