Our Return to the Institution (The New Jiak Kim House)

 Who remembers the old Zouk at Jiak Kim Street before it moved to Clarke Quay? Where my people at???

The old warehouse building which was once a place for the most epic party nights out... is now a fine dining restaurant Jiak Kim House.

Adamson brought me there last week as a surprise date night. It's been months since our last date night just the two of us... because kids la. 

Oh what a treat it was! The nostalgia of this place is unparallelled... and even better was the fact that the food was actually VERY GOOD!!!

My top pick is the foie gras followed by the beef tongue. Both done perfectly with a modern Asian twist. Also their bone marrow mash as a side dish is worthy of a shout out, so creamy and tasty.

Errr... if you order foie gras it won't come like this picture above... because that's actually a double serving.. which Adamson pre arranged for me. One slice with their Asian twist of ginger caramel and rambutan... and another slice just pan seared the way I like it. I'm so lucky to have a husband who pays attention to such details and spoils me rotten. To return the thoughtful indulgence, I've been cooking him his favourite meals so he has something yummy to look forward to at the end of his work day. And then there's always dessert *wink*.

Ok, now because I'm in a mood to reminisce... I want to share with you the Top 3 things I loved about my time at the original ZOUK. And Top 1 thing I hated about ZOUK. (Followed by a deluge of pictures of whatever we ate at Jiak Kim House that evening).

Top 3 Things I lOVE

1. Mambo 

How the hell did I manage to go out late on Wednesday nights and then next day still go to school (university), or when I got older, still go to work Thursday morning. WTF. But such was the draw of Mambo Jumbo. Weekends would be Phuture, and very rarely at Velvet or winebar. But Wednesdays it's me and Sarah pre drinking outside by the river and then going in and having the time of our silly young lives hahahaa. We were never the kind to go supper or prata after though, usually we just share cab straight home (benefits of having a bestie neighbour growing up).

2. Halloween

Oh the spectacle that is ZOUK on Halloween! Getting dressed up for it and witnessing some of (other people's) most epic costumes. Seriously effort much. Like rent a hearse to make a grand entrance kind of effort. Loved it so much!!

3. Tequila Pops

HAHAHHAHAHAHA. Wtf this drink extinct now. Dunno how many times I was down at Zouk 'popping' my drink with coasters. Feeling so cool about it. HAHAHHAHAHHAA  *ah memories*

Top 1 Thing I HATE

1. I hadn't met my husband yet. So I never got to share these expeiences at  ZOUK with him. He has his own awesome memories of the place. And it holds a special place in his heart too. But we existed almost in a parallel universe, and never crossed paths whenever we were there (which was often! lol). But that's ok, we have other experiences to share and Jiak Kim House is one of them.

Ok, pic deluge starts now...

... fin