IT Show at Suntec 2024

Fun day for our family today. We started with Adamson’s fav chicken rice in Marsling. Then made it for the last day of #itshow2024 at #Suntec . 

Checked out a lot of impressive new gadgets in the market now. Loved the interactive tv board from @swoshsg . The kids had fun testing out its functions. Could totally use this in their playroom (which will be more of a study room as they get older). 

Also liked the hair dryer and the curling wand from @dreamesg . Similar to Dyson’s but with some new added features and a lower price point.  

We ended up buying electronic drum kit 😆 at the @cristofori booth.  Impulse purchase, cos we never intended to buy instruments today haha (we came to the IT fair to buy sound bar actually ). But it was a good deal. $399 for the drums (and + $150 for the amplifier). 

We got it because MJ took a shine to it, and he wants to learn (any lobang for drum teacher that can come teach him?).

 And of course Myla loves instruments and wants to play the drums too now (but her main love is still her piano). 

After that we did some shopping around and snacks before heading home to set up the drums 😄.

Super love this day spent with the husband and kids ❤️. Last day of March hols some more… tmr kids back at school. 


  1. Anonymous7:32 pm

    Do u think the prices are better at the fair or just buy online

    1. holly jean9:00 am

      It was better at the fair. The stuff we bought was cheaper there. except for maybe the nintendo games, those were abt same price as elsewhere.


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