Duo Zuo Lu Shoes Review

Went to Duo Zou Lu last weekend to pick out shoes for Adamson and myself which they have kindly sponsored. We went to the White Sands branch and the staff on duty was so friendly and helpful. They also have branches at Nex, Jurong point etc.
I am 100% happy with the comfort and fit. So super cushiony and it feels so light. The shoes have 1000 airholes for air permeability, and they weigh less than an egg.
Their designs are easy to wear, you can just slip them on and go. They are designed by a Japanese designer so their styles are very minimalist chic, which is great for easy matching with your outfits. Their colours are generally muted and pastel shades (like white, black, light pinks, greys), which one or two styles having a bright red. Personally, I prefer brighter colours and designs for shoes. I wish there were prints, or multi colours on one shoe, florals (but not auntie kind), or maybe even neon colours.
We picked out both white pairs with the middle panel of tan colour for mine and green for Adamson. So yay! We have matchy couple shoes now... I love that!!

I also saw small kids sizes as well... I want to get the kids shoes there too soon, so whole family can match hahaa
And I also want to go back for these red sandals. OMG so many wants. Step in any of their outlets and try for yourself and you will also feel this way. hahaa

P/s- thanks Bubba for coming along with me and taking such nice pictures too! Hope we can get matching outfits next heeee heeee...