Perth - Mandoon Estate

If you're in Perth and want to go to a vineyard without having to drive hours to Margaret river, check out Mandoon estate. They have wine tastings, pretty chic accomodation, and places to wine and dine.
We drove there on our way back from Caversham Wildlife Park. It was a lunch stop for us. 
You can sit outside, and dine with a view of the vineywards.. or you can choose to eat inside the restaurant like us, next to a warm fireplace. 
Food was good. Adamson had a huge pork chop which was so tasty.. wish I had ordered it! Instead I had a pepperoni pizza in the hopes that MJ would eat some of it, but he rejected...  -_-   so I had to eat it and it wasn't so nice. (This trip he pretty much survived solely on milk, chicken nuggets and indomie).
There's Myla appreciating the good life.
For those who appreciate wine, Mandoon Estate vineyard is currently planted with Verdelho, Chenin Blanc, Semillon and Frontignac. I'm not one for wines, and went with their beers from their homestead brewery instead. So good!
If you're there on the weekend, you can eat ourdoors at Llawn... which serves a picnic menu.