Perth - Hillary’s Harbour & Our Family Gathering

On our first day in Perth (we only arrived at 11.50pm the night before), we met up with my cousin Olivia, Simon, Cataleya & Orlando at Hillary's Harbour.

Been soooo long since I seen them. 
Makes me wish we lived there. (Myla talks non stop about all her cousins and wishes we lived there). 
Hillary's Harbour is beautiful. A backdrop so serene against the buzzing weekend family crowd.
 Oh and when I saw crowd, I mean there's life... not crowd like a packed SG shopping mall kind of crowd (ugh). 
We had pizzas,  (which MJ rejected cos not same taste as his favourite pizzas in Singapore  -_- ), pasta, finger food and some bubbly. 
Myla's into her mocktails now, she feels so grown up and that she's an 'alcoholic' (her word, not mine) now hahahahaaaaa... oh sweet child. 
Food was good. Drinks (the proper adult ones) even better. 
After that, short walk along to DOME ( remember we used to have this coffee joint in Singapore... dunno where it disappeared to). 
Short but sweet catch up...
The next day (which was Day 2 of Perth), Auntie Pat & Uncle Johnny hosted a family gathering at their house. So the whole large family could gather in one spot. 
The little cousins....
Family pot luck. Everyone brought such tasty food. This family is always food food food. 
Adamson did roast beef with veges. Very bold of him, considering he's using an unfamiliar oven (the one at airbnb) for the first time so heat control etc is tricky.  It was a hit, so yummy...

Hope to see you all again in June 2024...