Perth - A Day in Freemantle

Ah. Freemantle, a picturesque little seaside town that is jam packed with museums, great food, and many attractions. 
First stop- Little Creatures Brewery.
If you appreciate craft beer, or any beer in general.... or even if you don't drink but just want a chill place with relaxed vibes with good food.. go to Little Creatures. 
It opens at 11am, and we were the first ones in, cos hungry. 
Little Creatures Brewery is home to the famous Pale Ale. We could not do their brewery tour and tasting because kids not allowed, and we can't like just leave them outside to wait for us lol. But if you're an all adult group, do sign up for their tour and tasting!
I was happy enough to have a family feast. OMG I fuck'n love this dish. Grilled Octopus. So tasty with a spicy lemony type oil .. I don't know what it's called, went to their menu online just now and it's not even on the menu! Maybe it was a special that day. 
Myla loved the oysters... very fresh. 
Adamson and I whacked the chili mussels... so spicy and yummy. 
Here's another look at my octopus... and a bed of some equally delicious mushy stuff. 
After lunch, we walked across to the giant ferris wheel (Tourist Wheel)...
A bit pricey in my honest opinion, at Aud 12 per adult and Aud 10 per child. It's just a quick ride maybe 5-10 mins or so. 
But what the heck, we're on holiday....
And there's great views and great light for nice pictures. 
Come let me spam more photos here... get our money's worth.  :)

Within very short walking distance from Little Creatures, and the Tourist Wheel... is the WA Shipwrecks Museum. Entry is free for this one, but do make a small donation on your way out if you want to. 
It's a small museum, two floors of artifacts and cool stuff like cannons. 
There's a huge piece of a wreck on display. 
I read online reviews that there was activities for kids there, but no ah. Nothing, on that Friday afternoon. The kids found this place a bit boring, we didn't spend long in there. Was a good place to step into since the location was convenient but I would not go out of my way to visit it. 
The WA Maritime museum was a short drive away, and the parking situation was shit (Adamson had to eventually drop us off first and then kept circling the area for an empty parking spot).
There was a special exhibit on - Sea Monsters. Adult tickets for this was Aud 15, and Child Aud 12.50 (but Free for MJ cos below 5yrs old is free here).
Modern museum with lots of interactive activities for the kids. 
After the museum, we went to explore the rest of Freo. 
And visited the Freemantle Market. 

Adamson and I are not big shoppers, especially when it comes to clothes or handicraft... and this place didn't have toys for the kids. 
So we just ate our way through the market , trying ice creams, and rocky road snack bars, and homemade fudge. 
And our final stop for the day was dinner by the water, at Kaili's Fish market. 
Dinner for us is at 4plus pm btw, that's why our dinner pictures always no crowd (it's not cos the place is not popular or food not nice). Our kids usually eat at 4 because they go to bed at 6 (our normal daily routine).. but of course on holiday they stayed up a bit later.
Ordering system a bit troublesome. Cos its like you want drinks, you got to queue here to order. 
Then you want buy freshly grilled seafood, you go another counter. You want the deep fried stuff like fish & chips, another different counter. Hope they just automate everything and you just sit at your table and order from your phone next time.
Lobster so good and done perfectly. Not overcooked. 
Their fresh oysters and fish and chips were good too. 
After dinner, it was a long drive back to our airbnb, but trafiic wasn't so bad (we were expecting worse).
We stopped by a McDonald's on the way back so this one could have his nuggets. (Do Aussie nuggets taste better or something?! He never ever wanted nuggets before this trip).


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