Perth- Caversham Wildlife Park

Really loved this place! Do make the short drive there when you're in Perth. Caversham Wildlife Park opens 9am to 4.30pm daily. 

There's so much to see, and touch and learn. Their daily attractions like the farm show, picture with Koala etc are all included in the standard ticket price. Aud 32 (adult) and Aud 15 (child 3- 14yrs).

Feed the Kangaroos 
You can feed the kangaroos as you wander about a huge enclosure. 
The feed is free and you can do it as much as and for as long as you desire, most other places we've been to in the world, you have to pay extra to feed the animals.

Farm Show
Head into Molly's Farm for their farm show where you can watch sheep shearing,   sheep dogs mustering the sheep and even milk a cow. Be ready to volunteer when they ask for someone to try cracking a whip,  swing a billy or bottle feed a lamb!
Adamson volunteered to try his hand at whipping... not easy!
And Myla was one of the kids who got to feed the lamb. Awww 
At the end of the farm show, everybody gets to try their hand at milking cow. 
I love that it's so inclusive and everyone gets to experience and learn a lot at this farm show. 

Meet the Wombat & Friends
At this attraction, you get to have a picture with their cute wombats. 

There's also about 20 species of Aussie wildlife for you to meet at this attraction. 
Expect a bit of a queue, as it's a popular attraction. Worth the queue, please do not miss this.
We also walked the park grounds visiting their reptile enclosure and seeing the birds (Kookaburra etc). 
Finally, before you exit the park, there's an opportunity for you to meet a Koala and have your picture taken. (There's no charge for this, and you use your own camera)
There was also a penguin feeding at 12pm but we missed it  :/ and then it was time for us to leave and go get lunch because the kids (mainly Myla haha) were hungry. All in all, give the park at least 3 hours. More if you have the time to spare and kids not getting tired cranky.