Perth- Alpaca Farm Stay

We had a delightful farmstay at Mamoe’s Alpaca Farm. It’s priced around $150 a night which is pretty good for such an enriching experience.

You get a one bedroom cottage that has a large bed and there’s a smaller single bed in the living room area, and there's a small but complete kitchen area. 

It took a bit more than an hour's drive to get there. We made a pit stop at yanchep for some groceries (we read reviews that you need to bring your own food), the closest town to the farm. You will need to stock up for your stay at Mamoe's there's no shop or restaurant nearby, so if you want to eat out, you'll need to drive about 20 mins or so.

With your room, you do get farm fresh eggs in the fridge, and some bacon which you can fry up for breakfast. However, no one in the reviews mentioned to bring your own water (!). We only brought a litre bottle, thinking we'd just drink from the tap since it's Australia (and we drank from the tap at our airbnb). So I kinda got a little shock when we checked into our cottage and the sign above the tap said "rainwater" . OMFG, the city girl in me cannot deal with this lol.

So we ended up leaving the 1 litre of bottled water we brought for the kids to drink. Adamson and I didnt drink any plain water during our stay (one night only la, won't die), we drank the beers and coke etc that we brought. lol

The cottage is quaint and little, but complete and comfortable. And oh, inside it's very clean. 
The bedroom...
Living room and kitchen area. Love that all the decor in the cottage has an Alpaca theme and it's bright and cheery. Happy place. 
Bathrooms, spotless (but cold in winter ahhhhh)
That's not a cat, it's a doorstop. lol
We all slept in one bed, our kids love cosleeping with also it got pretty cold at night during our farm stay (rainy night!) so I wanted to keep the kids snuggled close to us. 
The alpacas roam freely through the whole farm. And they're very friendly. Do bring some fruit for feeding them (we brought strawberries but heard that they love Bananas too). 

Morning, afternoon, and even at night the kids went to feed and play with the alpacas.
They're so adorable. Don't worry, alpacas cannot bite you.
Friends haha.
Our first day there was wet and rainy, but at the end, we had double rainbows.
The hosts are friendly and helpful (they live in the main house near to our cottage). If you ever need anything just ask. Other than that, you're free to roam and explore the whole farm. It's perfect for kids, with the magical little fairy village.
And kids play area. Loved seeing the kids experience nature and animals, and just enjoy the outdoors. we don't get that sort of experiences in Singapore. 

Definitely will come back again whenever we are in Perth... but next time we will pack even more food for ourselves, even more fruit for the alpacas... and drinking water(!).