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It’s been a month since we’ve been back from Perth, Australia. We went at the very start of the June holidays and were there for a week. But I haven’t had the time to blog about it until now, cos after that trip it was still the kids school holidays. And Adamson had to travel for a long ass trip almost 3 weeks (USA for work and then onwards to Cannes). So I was just busy taking the kids out on fun adventures the rest of the June holidays and it went by sooo fast :(. 

We flew SQ economy, which really is very ok because it’s such a short flight (4plus hours).  Easy on the kids. Watch a movie, eat a meal, short nap and you’re there! 

Renting a car and driving makes things a lot easier esp with kids. So Adamson being able to drive when we’re overseas made the trip so much more seamless and enjoyable. We rented from Hertz (child car seats from them too). 

We stayed at an Airbnb and Loved it!  Spacious, with 3 bedrooms (one room was spare cos the kids prefer to share a bed), big backyard for them to play. 
Our Airbnb was in Beldon (cos close to my relatives). But if you’re going, I recommend maybe booking one at Freemantle, or some other coastal town like Hillary’s. And drive. 

We ate out most of the time, but it was also good to have a kitchen to cook meals. 

In the morning, while I’m making breakfast, the kids spend their time happily outdoors in the yard, so different from the typical Singapore lifestyle. I think the weather and space helps a lot.

In the evenings, most places shut (that’s Perth for you) so like malls and shops mostly closed by evening time. This meant we spent lots of time in the living room playing games as a family. The kids learned how to play UNO. 😅. Perfect for family bonding.

June is a fabulous time to visit Australia. Their winter is mild… cool aircon type weather with some days being a bit colder like 5 degrees but still lots of sunshine. 

We also did an alpaca farmstay (next blog post) and just packed an overnight bag while our airbnb was the “home base” with all our luggage. We didn’t go stay at a vineyard this time because one week is too short for all that (if you have time, drive down to Margaret river for the vineyards and beach and caves.  Will definitely stay at Airbnb when we go to Perth again. 

On the third day, Adamson had to fly off for work (just for one day). Do you know, I kept waking up every hour or so at night to switch different room lights on/off... so if any intruder was watching the house, they would abort mission because too much activity going on. Hahahahaha.. And I slept in the kids room with them, stuffed a pillow and bolster under the blanket in the master bedroom. Better safe than sorry, but the neighbourhood is a safe one la, if not I won't even stay there alone with the kids. I was just being a bit paranoid. 
So early the next morning the kids and I took a walk to the park and playground. 
They really have so many nice open spaces for kids to run and play. The cool and not humid weather helps too. 
Then my Auntie Irene and Uncle Jude picked the kids & I up and took us to the mall in Joondalup (close to where we stay). 
This is when MJ decided to finally try eating Chicken nuggets because his cousin Orlando was eating it.. and he loves it (He's a VERY fussy eater, normally he will only eat the fries from McD, so chicken nuggets is a big win for us). Myla of course, no problem eating lol. 
We went to Kmart so the kids could get clothes and toys (the clothes and shoes so cheap !! OMG I love it).
Her boots like $6 hahha. MJ got Minecraft boots which was like $18 or something and he loves them, hope it still fits him end of year for winter holiday. 
Will share more about stuff we did in Perth during the week. :). Stay tuned…


  1. Anonymous8:33 pm

    How much?

  2. Airbnb has a whole range of prices u can input ur budget range. Ours was around $1900 sgd (for 7 nights )


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