Beat the Queue @ BlackPink Concert

Black Pink's Born Pink World Tour is in Singapore 13 & 14 May 2023 at the National Stadium. We went last night, because Myla is a HUGE fan. She had the night of her life!

Here are some things to note if you're going tonight.  

The concert is supposed to start at 7.30pm. But at 7.30 there was still a steady stream of people coming in. It started at around 8pm. 

Gates open at 6pm for those who have seats. For the standing area,Queuing zones will open from 2:30PM on each event day and cut-off at 4PM. Latecomers who arrive after 4PM will be allowed to enter when gates open at 6PM together with the Seated Area ticket holders.

Kids below 12 are not allowed in the standing pens. So only seated tickets for them. Kids below 3 years old are not allowed at all, even seated also no. Not sure if they will check, no one asked to see proof of age for MJ, but then again he's tall for a 4 yo. Maybe if you have a tall 3yo, you will prob get away with it, no one checking.

There's food and drinks sold at various points inside, small bottles of 100plus ($4), coke, minute maid, alcohol, and lays potato chips, and pizza hut personal pan pizzas (they looked cold tho). Eat before going la. 

There were very long queues for the toilets just outside the gates. But once you're inside your gate, the toilets in there have no long queues. So just get through your gate then find toilet.

The biggest tip I have for you is, do not bring any bags. My brother told me not to bring any bags, as the security check for those with bags is a long queue. I was skeptical to be honest, I usually have a backpack when I'm out with the kids because I carry so much shit for them hahaha. Like some toys for MJ, a change of clothes, wet wipes, tissues, water bottles, snacks, etc. It was a gamble, cos I was prepared that it may be the case that I don't bring bag and yet still got to queue with everyone else.

I wore cargo pants with leg pockets so I could hold my phone, some tissue paper for the kids, and chocolate for MJ. And the kids water bottles I just slung over my shoulders. We carried by hand MJ's headphones (to block out some sound if the music too loud for him). Adamson carried his wallet, phones and car key on his person. Do note that waterbottles need to be empty going in to the venue and you can fill it up once you're inside. 
And guess what? My brother was right ahhhhh. There's no queue at all for us. When you get to the security clearance/entry area, look for the express lane. It's actually for those with no bags so no need elaborate security check. There was no one in that queue, I guess most groups will have like at least one person with a bag so they all go through the main queue (which is damn snaking long and so hot outdoors).
Best advice I have for you. Don't bring any bags. Just put stuff in your pockets and go!
Also, dress light. It's National Stadium is not airconditioned (unless you're in those corporate hospitality type suites, in which case none of my advice applies lol because you don't need to queue with everyone else anyway). It's not that hot because night time, but if you wear thick clothes or jacket all that, you will suffer.

Ok, have fun tonight? It's a great concert, the sound system is good. Everyone looked like they were enjoying themselves.