Gardens by the Bay - Jurassic nest & Flower Dome Avatar experience

 Looking for somewhere to take the kids this school holiday?

Last week I took Myla and MJ to Gardens by the Bay. Took the new TEL (Thomson-East Coast) MRT line and stopped at Gardens by the Bay. Very convenient. 

First we checked out the new Jurassic Nest food court. It was a weekday afternoon (lunch time) and totally no crowd. 
I think because quite pricey... compared to the Mcdonald's nearby was full house. 
But honestly, when I'm out with the kids, I rather the place be a bit pricey but not crowded so I don't have to like jostle for seats or feel rushed. 
How pricey was it? Well, for example.. Myla's yakiniku bowl here was $28plus. Comparatively, I can get it at the same price at a restaurant like Tanuki Raw (plus got foie gras at Tanuki Raw!).So for a food court, this was expensive... tasted good (not as good as Tabuki raw's bowl).
There's a good range of stalls, including a halal stall. And the place is very clean.
The set up is great... lots of huge and realistic dinosaurs and shrubbery. Tastefully done, not tacky.
After lunch, I took them to the flower dome. Tickets are cheaper for Singaporeans, so do bring your ID. Even at the cheaper rate.. I found it expensive ahhhhh  entry to the flower dome was $70plus!!! For one adult and 2 kids. (Kids over 3yo). I went ages ago and it was much cheaper... I think more expensive now because of some special Avatar type set up at the flower dome. The other dome was much cheaper (like $15 for Singaporeans). But I wanted to take them to the flower dome because it has the waterfall, and it's beautiful. 
No regrets though. Both kids enjoyed it immensely. Every sight and soundwas amazing to them. I love giving them such experiences. Money well spent. 
There are a bunch of booths which can transform your image into an avatar character. 
Bring jacket for the kids, the dome is cold. And hats for the outdoors because so hot and sunny... and also it might rain. Just be prepared for any conditions lol... that's why I'm always lugging a huge backpack when I take the kids out. 
They have no idea what Avatar is though haha. They just thought we were looking at a bunch of cool dragons. 

Very enjoyable and I love the chilly temperature. 
There are some interactive exhibits. This one you can touch these pods and the plants light up. Myla enjoyed the shadow room. 

Here's Mj waiting patiently for jie jie to finish dancing inside the shawdow room lol. 
We took around 1 hour to leisurely cover the whole flower dome. 
At this age, everything is fun to them. 
Kind stranger helped me take pic of me with the kids. I hope they remember this day when they're old. :)
But if you're on a tight budget (which I myself sometimes am too), you can still take your kids to the Gardens by the bay as it's free to walk about and there's plenty to see and large grounds to cover. You can even go to the Jurassic nest food court just for a drink or just for pictures (the food was so so anyway, you're not like missing out if you don't eat there, honestly... but then I pity the tenants also, their rent must be so high that's why got to charge so much. Hope they have good weekend crowds). 
Happy holidays everybody! It's going by so fast... enjoy the last few weeks of 2022.