You know how I had the anonymous Q&A on my Ig some weeks ago? Well someone (not my husband) asked what my favourite food was. And I said French! With Japanese coming in a close second.
Well, this handsome husband of my reply on IG, and he said he never knew that! He always thought Japanese was my favourite, and at the same time, I just like foie gras. 
And you know what? He surprised me with a dinner date at Claudine over the weekend (it would have been sooner, but they're pretty booked up in advanced). I never expected it, nor do I expect or request such things, but it's really a very sweet and thoughtful surprise. 
Claudine is a French neo-brasserie by Julien Royer. It's on Dempsey Hill, where the White Rabbit used to be. For starters, we had the HOKKAIDO UNI & CRAB REMOULADE, and half a dozen of the MAJESTIC JACQUES COCOLLOS (oysters). The oysters were damn good. The crab thingy ... was ok only.
I haven't had steak tartare in like at least a decade... and oh boy this STEAK TARTARE À LA PARISIENNE was good! Tender, tasty, feel the juicy freshness all around your mouth mmmm...
Adamson went for the NOIR DE BIGORRE (pork chop). He liked it, especially the sauce. I must say the portion is huge though. 
For dessert we had the STRAWBERRY GARIGUETTE, and the ÎLE FLOTTANTE. Dessert wasn't my thing... I really just wanted a very well made and traditional creme brulee ... but don't have. 

The whole meal was enjoyable, the atmosphere not too stuffy, pretty relaxed but still quite a-tas (lol). And most dishes, the portions are large, I was soooo full.

Adamson had a glass of red... while I went for the Loose Rivet New England Ipa... ooh that beer good. My new fav. Haha.

You can check out Claudine's Menu here.
Bon Appétit ! 

(And thank u Bubba for this dinner date).