Batam - Barelang Fishing & Radisson Suite

A few weekends ago, it was the Hari Raya Haji long weekend so we went to Batam for a 2 night getaway. Adamson's friend joined us with his family. They have 2 older boys and their third is a year older than MJ, and a year younger than Myla, so a perfect similar aged playmate.

We went by Sindo Ferry, departed from Tanah Merah and docked at Batam Centre. The Ferries to Batam are generally clean and well maintained (we have been on Batam Fast ferry several times too)... but just don't go the the toilet on board. Damn disgusting.

There's 3 main things I can tell you about our Batam trips. Tried and tested, fool proof, and like we have this routine there all the time and love it.
1. Fish at Barelang
It's a catch and release pond. You bring your own rods and equipment ( make sure you debarb your hooks). 
You can buy bait from them. You pay for fishing time ( 3 hour block) per rod. And they have an assistant for you. He helps hook up your bait and helps to remove hook and release the fish for you after you reel one in. (Do tip them).
It's the first time for the kids, as they've never been to Batam, and they were happy to try their hand at fishing for huge groupers. (Careful though, the fish are as big as a small child, so don't fall in!) Oh and Myla accidentally dropped her rod into the pond when she had a bite because the pull was too hard. Well, we rather the rod falls in than her. So yeah, need to be hyper vigilant around your young ones at the pond.

2. Stay at the Radisson
We usually just get a regular room when it's just the two of us. But this time round travelling with 2 kids, we got the Radisson suite.
They super loved the vastness of the suite... there'sa huge bathroom with separate toilet area, a tub and separate shower... double sinks, loads of wardrobe space... and it's quite luxurious too.
I don't know exactly what it is, but the beds at the Radisson are the best ever. Like among all the hotels I've stayed at. The beds here are super comfortable and give me a great night's rest. (Those who have stayed at this hotel... you agree??)
The kitchenette are is great when travelling with a family. Nice space to fix their snacks/food/milk (esp cos MJ is super fussy so it's hard to get him food when out).
Myla no problem lol. Enjoying all the good food and drink, plus great service.
The hotel's buffet breakfast is of high standard. Wide range of tasty dishes and fresh juices. 
The breakfast is something we always look forward to whenever we're in Batam.
We also like chilling out at the hotel bar for drinks and dessert after a long day out. Cocktail prices are ok.... of course not as cheap as when you're out and about in Batam... but still slightly cheaper than Singapore prices.
The Radisson also has a large pool, gym... and a Kids Club. I forgot to take picture of the Kids Club but it's the small building at the top right hand side of this picture. It has a trampoline, basketball hoop, soccer post, swing/slide and sandpit just outside the building. And inside is an air-conditioned room with some toys, swing, and tables for activities. (Not much activity in the kids club though... probably cos not much kids at the moment cos covid times)

3. Dinner at Golden Prawn 
The food never disappoints... you can pick out your live seafood on the spot and let them know how you want it cooked... and the prices.... a fraction of what we would pay in Singapore. We always go early like 5.30-6pm cos greedy lol. But later in the evening it does get very packed.

Try the live scallops ( you pick the ones you want from their live seafood area... or ask them help you pick also can... and get them to steam it with garlic)... this whole plate was like  SGD10 (WHATTTT). Then of course chili crab, pepper crab... steamed seabass Hong Kong style. All super gooooooood.

4. Bonus find.. hahaha... Blue Fire Bar & Resto
Adamson found this cool place called Blue Fire. It's a bar with live music and food. Myla enjoyed it so much because of the live band. Michael was just at the table playing with lego that I brought for him lol. The band invited Myla to go on stage to sing with them, she felt like some rockstar (who doesn't know the lyrics) hahahaha. But she loves this kind of thing, so brave of her *I'm so proud of her*.
So that was the kid's first Batam trip, and they do want to go back again soon. I really love it too, but the thought of the Batam immigration queues at Batam centre ferry terminal... makes me reluctant. Although we get to bypass the regular queue (damn winding long and slow moving) because they fish out the families with young kids to bypass the main queue. But its's still quite hectic... plus they lost our luggage. (When it's just Adamson & I, we pack light and carry on our luggage, no need to check it in. But quite hard to pack light for kids because they need so many things).

See how I feel in September... we might return then. :)