Army Open House 2022

Ooh look what I found in my drafts... pictures of the Army Open House 2022 (at the F1 Pit building). Gah... so many things in drafts because I want to share with you guys out there but then, I have so little free time to just sit and blog. Good thing is... I have a bit more free time nowadays so hopefully I can get back in the groove.
We only took MJ with us (Myla was at my mum's place, having her visitation with my ex). Which is a good thing because WOW IT WAS SCORCHING and it needed quite a bit of walking (all the nearby carparks were full!). MJ is a lot lighter to carry than Myla. (Oh btw, shortly after this, we bought ourselves a kids wagon so I can pull both kids when I'm out with them).
The displays were impressive, everything from tanks to helicopters, all on show for you to touch, board, take pics etc. The army boys were on hand to ensure safety and order. queues were well managed. I would definitely go to the next Army Open House in future. 
We got to see the Red Lions jump.
So see actual soldiers with their full get up.
And test out the guns...
Get into the Choppaaa

Lots of praise for a well thought out event and thank you to all our soldiers for their effort and hard work.

Anyone going for National Day Parade? We balloted but didn't get tickets  *cry*... I've yet to attend any National Day Parade in my life. 

P/S- got 30 mins before i need to get MJ ready & go for Nursery class. I can go through my drafts and see what else I can share with you now :D