Are You Dating an Asshole?

Sometimes we get swept off our feet, and love blinds us. But in reality, are you actually dating an asshole? Here’s how to find out.

1. Is he a bad loser?
Play a game with him and see how competitive he gets. It could be a game of Scrabble, or some trivia game on your phone. If he wins, does he gloat and rub it in your face? If he is losing, does he start getting impatient and nasty?

2. How does he treat service staff?
Sure, he can wine and dine you at the best places, but how does he treat the people who serve him? Is he rude and arrogant to them because he sees them as lower class? Or is he respectful and friendly to everyone equally?

3. How does he talk to you and talk about you?
If he talks to you as if you’re a child, or are incapable of making smart decisions, you are probably dating an asshole. The same goes if he speaks poorly of you in front of his friends. He’s probably insecure, and the worse you feel the more confident he becomes.

4. He makes you jealous
Instead of being a reassuring partner, he tries to make you jealous: If he tells you about the tonnes of girls who hit on him. If he has a wandering eye or flirts with others in your presence. If he talks too fondly about his ex or tells you stuff like your best friend has a great set of legs, he’s trying to make you jealous.

5. How does he fight?
He doesn’t fight well. One of the greatest tests of a relationship is seeing how your partner reacts during an argument. If he is quick to raise his voice, insult you or, even worse, hit you, then he’s a certifiable loser. 

6. He brags about money
It doesn’t matter to who, but whenever there’s an opportunity to speak, he brags about how much money he makes, or even worse, will make someday.  

7. He won’t listen to criticism
If you for instance make suggestions about how he could be better in bed, he twists around the problem to be your fault - you're too uptight, not relaxed enough; you must not like sex; you must have intimacy issues, etc.

8. He wants you to make him look good
He is concerned about how your outfit/makeup will reflect on him in front of his friends or the general public.

9. He has dated supermodels
Not that there is anything wrong about that. But unless he’s a pimp, there’s no reason to be telling you or people around you about all the hot women he has had. A true gentleman never kisses and tells – only assholes do

10. He hits you
Most definitely Asshole.


  1. Anonymous10:57 pm

    You forgot if he follows a lot of hot Instagram girls 😛

  2. Anonymous12:22 am

    love this


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