LEGOLAND Malaysia ( with 2 young kids )

 Yay … borders are all opening up. And we are all slowly getting back into the swing of things.

Legoland Hotel

Over the long Labour Day weekend (1st May), our family went to Legoland in JB, Malaysia. We opted for a Malaysia getaway (our first holiday since Covid hit the world 2 plus years ago!) because you don’t need ART or PCR testing to travel to and from Malaysia. We didn’t want to subject the kids to pre-departure swabs if there were travel options with no swabbing required.

We opted for a private car and driver to take us there and back. It was $140 each way (in a Velfire so there was lots of space for comfort). I think prices a bit inflated cos it was a busy holiday weekend. It’s a pretty easy drive (if you manage the timing properly, as the causeway/second link can be jammed up). We took the second link, on a Friday afternoon after Myla’s school. And it was beginning to get crowded. Once past immigration, less than 20mins and we reached Legoland. The next time we go again (should be soon), we will drive there instead. 

No need for any ART, but please print out your vaccination status and download the My Sejahtera app on your phone (it’s like our Trace together).

Lobby playground

We stayed in the Legoland Hotel for 2 nights. $370 (before taxes) per night… which I feel is damn EXPENSIVE for Malaysia. But we paid for the safety, convenience (it’s right at the Theme park), and the fun (for the kids) of staying in a Lego themed hotel. 

Millions of Lego blocks, build anything you want
Daddy built a gun for Myla in the Lego blocks pit

The lobby is a super fun happy place, kids automatically run around with glee when they’re in it Hahaa. The lift has lights and music all day and night. The corridors are themed too (each level has its own theme). 

MJ in the big blocks pit

We got the Premium Adventure Themed room. They also have ninjago, pirates, and kingdom themes. But my kids are not familiar with like ninjago or what, so it didn’t matter which theme we chose. Lol.

Love that the room is so spacious, with a separate bunk bed room area for the kids. If you’re a bigger family, the room can comfortably sleep 5 pax… 3 on bunk beds and 2 on king sized bed. (There’s a suite which sleeps 8 pax too). 

Adult's room area
Adult sink and Kids sized sink in the bathroom

Bunk beds are fun!

Both Slept soundly

There’s Duplo blocks in room for the kids to play with (and leave behind ah, not take home lol). There’s also a treasure hunt of sorts where the kids can figure out the combination to the safe, which has some Lego prizes.  The prize was just a couple of Lego figurines… so anti climax hahaha  (blah! They could have sprung for slightly better prizes like a small Lego set). 

Kids' room just next to ours

They have a pizza making workshop for kids at around 2 in the afternoon, but we didn’t have the time for it. 

The robes are kid sized.

The pool there is pretty average, nothing special. They should put in some fun slides of something man. 

Kids life jackets provided at pool.

Every evening there’s some performance at the lobby. The kids really loved it (even though I thought it was so lame hahaha). Basically, this hotel’s target audience are really the children. And they have such a fun magical time there. 

Bricks Restaurant

Room rates include buffet breakfast at Bricks restaurant. Their buffet spread is… ok. I would say, pretty typical of Malaysian hotels kind… with the dry beef bacon and lots of bee hoon and fried rice… they also had eggs cooked on the spot, and a good selection of pastries and juices. The kids loved it. MJ ate loads of Koko Crunch cereal (he’s fussy with food)… so if there’s ANYTHING he’s willing to eat, it’s a win for us.  Myla had a good time tasting everything that isn’t spicy. 

The mini bar is empty, but there’s decent room service election available (prices were ok).  And you can Grab food, or walk to the Medini Mall close by.

Danga Bay Seafood
All of us (except 1) LOVE GOOD FOODDDDD

We cabbed to Danga Bay for seafood (20mins away). Food was good, prices at the main restaurant there was kinda close to Singapore seafood restaurant prices, so don’t go expecting like Batam cheap seafood prices. We had 2 small crabs, a noodle dish and asparagus with scallops, cost us about RM400. It’s around that price range. But tasted really good!!

Chili Crab for Adamson

Pepper Crab for me!!!

The theme park is just outside of the hotel. There’s 3 parts to it- the main theme park, a water park and a sea aquarium. I don't advice you to do all 3 in one day (especially with small kids). We managed to do both the main park and the aquarium in a day. 

Queue for boat School
Kids get to steer their own boats
Myla and I sharing a boat, driving like pinball hahaha

We started with the theme park at 10am (there’s no longer any priority entry for hotel guests). It was fairly packed because of the long weekend holiday Singapore crowd but given the vastness of the park (larger than we expected) it didn’t feel too crowded. The lines were not that long either, usually 5 min wait for most rides. And some busy rides were up to 30min wait but if u just skip it and come back later, you might find the queue gone (I was surprised). There’s no express queue.

Lots of  kid friendly rides

For Myla she was tall enough for pretty much all the rides. Lots of roller coasters for her (she was so happy).  You can Google to see the restrictions. MJ could do most rides. Definitely for toddlers and preschoolers, this park has a lot more rides for them compared to Universal Studios Singapore. 

Airplane thingy for lil kids

The Sea Life aquarium … to me … is not as good as the one we have in Singapore. Smaller, less variety and not as impressive in terms of set up. You can give it a miss if you’re not to fussed about sea creatures. 

Sea Life
Jelly fish
Starfish in the touch pool

Really want to get them to a Disneyland park and Disneyland hotel soon… I went as a teenager and then again as a young adult and LOVED IT.