You're Not the Same Man I Married 4 Years Ago...

As I type this, you are thousands of kilometres away from me (and the kids). About sixteen thousand kilometres.

We celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary at FatCow (a few days in advance before you flew off). But our actual 4th anniversary was yesterday.

FatCow. It's where we had dates, and every wedding anniversary. We always order the same stuff from their menu which we love. Those things haven't changed.

But you have.

Do you like how I made this post cleverly clickbaity.... as though it's all ominous? (... coincidentally, today is April Fool's day)

Sometimes change is not a bad thing.

Everyday, you're evolving to become a better father, a more loving husband, a more successful man.

Our children love and adore you. You're affectionate, and physically present as much as possible. You're a big part of their childhood. This is something they benefit from and will remember as they grow up.

I love taking care of you and our kids. I really do. It is just that it never ends, the constant washing of dishes, the loads of laundry, preparing 2 different meals each time for the kids because MJ is so fussy ... it is my whole day, and sometimes my middle of the night too ... someone always needs me. 

And so at the end of the day, when I've put the kids to bed and it is just you and me on that sofa with Netflix, I need to reset. I know you do things such as look out for Netflix shows you think I would enjoy and you watch those with me (I do notice these things Bubba, thank you). You've gotten really good at being able to hit my reset button for me.

You have bigger and bigger goals and dreams as the years go by. This is all fueled by your insatiable appetite for success and your impressive capabilities. You want to make a difference to the world. You have. But it's just not big enough for you yet. You want to create a legacy. You will.

So you see Bubba, you're simply not the same man I fell in love with and got married to 4 years ago. I loved that man very much 4 years ago. But I also I love you for who you are today... and who you will be tomorrow.

Love you. Miss you. Can't wait to see you again in 2 weeks.

And now I leave you with pics of some of the dishes we die die must have at FatCow.