Diggersite for Kids

It’s the June school holidays! Here’s a place you can consider taking the kids to. 

We took the kids to Diggersite in Yishun last month. Heard a lot about this place and MJ loves construction vehicles/excavators etc. Perfect! 

It’s $18 per child and that includes 3 rides. We paid $35 for both our kids. The more kids you have, it gets cheaper per kid. 

What I love:

The scaled down construction vehicles are not toys. They’re like actual construction vehicles, just smaller. The controls/manoeuvring - Feels legit.

The kids get to wear a vest and construction hard hat. So cute. 

Exciting for preschoolers , and also lower primary kids. 

Staff are good with explaining/helping kids operate the vehicles, but they’re not overbearing… like the kids have full control.

It’s safe. The vehicles are stationary. So kids only operate like the “arm” of the excavator etc. 

Parents can sit and put the kid on their lap if they can’t operate the diggers themselves (supposed to be 4yrs old and above to do it solo but MJ did manage do 2 out of the 3 on his own. And 1 of it he sat on Adamson’s lap). 

What I don’t like:

Mosquitos.  Omg we sprayed ourselves down but still got bitten. 

The sand pit looks disgusting to me. (It’s probably ok la… but to me… a bit gross. Smells damp. The whole place is a little run down but I suppose it fits the construction site theme. 

Only 3 vehicles are in operation. The rest are not in use cos not maintained. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Each “ride” is 5mins. So there’s like a long wait to use the 3 vehicles (an excavator, wrecking ball, and a pincer looking one). So even if there’s only 4 kids in queue before your kid, it will take 20mins before it’s your kids turn… meanwhile you stand there in queue, getting bitten by bugs :( 

Michael finished all 3 rides, and loved it. Myla finished 2 and didn’t want to queue for her 3rd ride, cos she was so sweaty hot and had enough. Plus she’s not into diggers like MJ is. 

I suggest reaching 10mins before they open to beat the queues for the rides. 

Diggersite is at - 91 Lorong Chencharu , Singapore 769201. It’s at ORTO, so there’s lots of other places to check out while you’re there … like fishing, turtle farm etc.