Awesome Dinosaur Adventure Park in Singapore

 Last Friday, we took the kids to the Dinosaur Adventure Park at Downtown East. The whole park is housed at the huge white tent/dome at downtown east, near the outdoor carpark. I got our tickets online from this site

When you buy your tickets online you have to pick your time slots, we chose 4-5.30pm. And it wasn’t too crowded. I think weekends and the coming March holidays it will be super packed. So probably take half day leave and aim for a weekday afternoon after kids school if you want to avoid the crowds. 

When you first step in, it’s impressive!!! The lights and sounds… especially for a young child, is super exciting. There are large dinosaurs along a passageway as you enter, quite a number of them from the popular Trex to the huge brontosaurus etc. and they all move and roar (I think there’s sensors so they know when you’re close by).

Once you clear that awesome passageway, there are some replica fossils to look at. And then you go into this large area where there are many activity stations. There’s a Dino ride (love love love this. The kids get to ride a dinosaur!) . Parents can go in to assist the kids, but the staff in this section are very attentive and will help steer the Dino if your child is too young to do so. 

Next to this section is the train ride. Myla enjoyed it very much and rode the train 4 times . Last time when we went Uncle Ringo, she also rode the train like 3-4 times and that’s at $5 a ride!!! At Dinosaur Adventure Park, it’s $25 entry per person and all the rides are included (u can repeat the rides as many times as you like). So I find the $25 entry ($100 for our family of 4) very worth while if you have kids that love these kind of rides … repeatedly lol. 

There’s also a soft play area, bouncy castle, slides, sand pit to dig for fossils, ball pit & trampoline.

At around 5pm, the velociraptor mascot came out to play! So awesome.

When you leave, you pass through a gift shop and there are large dino eggs the kids can pick one and break it for a lucky prize (these are $10 per egg). 

We could tell that the organisers put in a lot of effort in creating this park and the ‘adventure’ experience for kids. Everything was very thoughtful and engaging. 

The kids want to go again this Sunday  (aiyoh… a bit too soon for me lol). There's a roller skating rink at Downtown East also, I've never been. Do they have like the frames for kids to hold on while learning to balance/skate? Will check it out soon.