Bunch of Giveaways & Discounts !

For those who aren’t following me on Instagram, you may have missed the latest discounts and giveaways.

So here they are in summary … they may be useful to you :) 


MANTOU Discount

Get 10% off your purchase of Hair Regrowth Duo (this is a shampoo and a hair tonic to prevent hair thinning/loss and help hair Regrowth). 


Use special code: MANTOUXHOLLY



10% discount for embroidery (eyebrow/eyeliner/ lips) and eyelash extension services for my followers! Just quote my name HOLLY JEAN and present the pic below (or my IG post) to the Lonni Beauty staff.

I really love my eyelash extensions ($88) from them. Extremely soft and comfortable. 


Wisteria Mall Vouchers

30 of my followers will get $30 worth of WisVouchers each! You can use these in any beauty shops at Wisteria Mall. (E.g. Lonni Beauty For your eyelashes or hair cut at myeongdong or Kcuts… or get your nails done etc).

Head to my IG to take part in the giveaway (ending 9 November 2021)


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WEBUY Voucher

I’m totally into my group buys right now 🤣. $5 voucher to spend on your first WEBUY purchase, when you sign up with  my group at this link. (Delivery is direct to you, no need to go other people’s house to collect). 


Swim classes Promo

Helping a friend to shout out. So if you’re looking for a swim coach for yourself or kids. The contact details are in the pic above. 


REEF Kids sandals and flip flops Giveaway !

Just a heads up because I haven’t posted on my Instagram yet but check my IG out in a couple of days. :) you can pick your fav design of Reef sandals for your child in our coming giveaway. Myla has their watercolors design and MJ has their dinosaur ones.