Toys Toys Toys

Over the last few weeks, MJ, Myla & I unboxed and reviewed (on my Instagram @hollyjean69) a whopping amount of new toys kindly sponsored by SGToysRock.

My favourite would be the Kindi Kids Mini dolls and School bus. The little girls are so cute and their heads bobble (even when riding the school bus!). I’m very impressed with the quality of this range too, it’s the kind that you can keep for ages and it will be in tiptop condition still. SO well made!

Myla adores the Scruff-A-luvs. They’re little cute rescued pets you adopt and their design is a surprise (kinda like a blind box), they come with their own crate and brush and adoption cert! 

MJ’s favourite would be the Nano HexBugs . These little critters are crazyyyyyy. You can construct their playground, and let loose the little vibrating bugs in there. 

These toys are available at all leading department stores (including Toys’R’us). Check out @SgToysRock on Instagram for all the latest toys in SG.  


Here are the direct links to our unboxing videos on IG: