National Day Giveaway: The Punkhawala & the Prostitute

Happy National Day! And what better way to kick off this National Day long weekend than with a novel that’s based on the history of our dear old Singapore :) 

2 autographed copies of The Punkhawala & the Prostitute are up for grabs. 

Head to my IG post ( to take part. 

The Punkhawala and the Prostitute 

A story of two destitute souls, shipped to Singapore in the late 1800s. Oseki, an ingenue forced into prostitution as a karayuki … and Gobind, a deaf convict from India who serves his sentence as a punkhawala to a British hunter obsessed with killing Rimau Satan, a man-eating tiger of mythic proportions. 


Written by my brother, Wesley Leon Aroozoo. 

❤️ Written by my brother, Wesley Leon Aroozoo, this book is a Finalist for the 2021 Epigram Books Fiction Prize. 

I remember being so intrigued by the stories & experiences of Oseki & Gobind when I helped to proof read my brother’s manuscript. And I can’t wait to re read this enchanting tale again once the book is printed. 

It will hit the shelves in November, but be an early bird and pre-order it now from Epigram Books at 10% discount! All pre orders will include an autograph by Wesley. (Or You want my autograph also can hahaha )