Lola has gone to Doggy Heaven

Early this morning, Lola crossed over the rainbow bridge 🌈 ❤️. 
Very first photo of Lola 

She was very quiet and retreated to her bed the whole day and not her usual self,  not eating much. I was going to take her to the vet today (was googling last night to find ones close by) but also dreading it because I kinda knew if I did go, I had this feeling that I would have to put her down because of her age). 

But at 4plus am this morning, she jerked a few times (while lying down) and just passed. I guess I can take comfort in the fact that she has lived a good long life free of any ailments and she never suffered long when she died. Just suffered one day of being sick/out of sorts and then she passed. 

Last photo of Lola

She lived to a grand old age (she would have turned 15 this September). And all through these years, every single day, she has never given us any problem (never even chewed a shoe or destroyed anything even when she was a puppy). Only brought us joy. 

And it’s quite remarkable but she has never fallen sick or been to the vets at all. There was just once she jumped off a chair and was limping for a day but that righted itself before I could take her to the vet. She just never ever gave anyone problems. 

She’s never been an adventurous or high energy type of dog… she prefers to stay home, and to stay in my bag when we are out. You can leave the front door wide open and she would never like bolt and run away hahha. In her old age, she became less active but still puppyish because of he tiny size. And she would play (so gently and patiently) with the kids, and come to me and flip over for belly rubs.  That was the kind of dog she was. 

 5 years ago, when Myla was a baby and Lola crossed into the zone of being an “old dog”, I wrote a blog post and wished for her hang on at least until Myla was 5years old so that Myla would be able to remember her. I just happened to look back at that blog post years ago (click to read it) . And guess what Myla is 5 (turning 6 at the end of this year). So she really did hang on after all. And Myla will remember her. (MJ probably won’t remember, because too young, and he’s less close to Lola also). But Lola was Myla’s first best friend, first bed time buddy, first guardian.

Lola’s ashes will sit on our shelf in our home. And I hope she will continue being a guardian of my children and watch over us. 

Here are some pics so we will all always remember what a wonderful dog she was (similar to how Myla is a jackpot baby, Lola was a jackpot dog, so easy and delightful)… 

Thank you Lola for all the wonderful memories and 15 years of unconditional love. I’ll see you again someday when I get there… but for now, run free and stay happy. 



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    Very touching tribute. Sorry for your loss. -Ock

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