Polliwogs at VivoCity

Took the kids to Polliwogs at VivoCity yesterday. They loved it. The place is clean and bright and well maintained. Staff are friendly too. 

It cost us $20 per child and $10 per accompanying adult. It’s probably more on the weekend? 

We’ve been wanting to take them for a while now but it’s always hard to get slots (must pre-book online). And when we finally got our slots and had our (2hr) play session there, it’s no wonder slots are hard to get… they really limits the capacity drastically during this pandemic. The place had maybe 15kids max. 

Which is great for the kids of course, more space and less crowd for them! The whole area is smaller than what I expected though. Like one third the size of Buds by Shangri-la. But for a 5yo and 3yo, it was enough and they had lots to do there. 

There were 2 baby slides (both side by side) and 4 bigger slides (also all side by side). So Myla was a bit disappointed with that because she’s all about slides at the moment lol. She wants super long slides and winding ones. 

They do have 2 large trampolines, 4 air ball guns, 2 ball pits. And many “obstacle” course elements.  And a large seating area for kids (and parents/caregivers) to rest and eat etc. They sell some snacks and drinks (very limited) or you can pack your kids food to eat there too.

This has been one of the nicer soft plays we’ve been to so far. .