Uncle Ringo Carnival at Punggol

Yesterday evening, we took the kids down to Uncle Ringo at Tebing Lane in Punggol. (It’s where the container pubs and restaurants are). Ample parking available. 

Due to stricter measures during this pandemic, they’re only open from 5-8pm on weekends... and will go up to 25% capacity only.

We got there at 5pm on a Sunday and there was only one family (mum dad and toddler) ahead of us. We spent just under an hour there and when we left, there was probably only about 6 more people who arrived. That’s it. Not crowded at all. So no need to worry about queues or crowds.

It’s definitely a place you should visit with your young kids and toddlers. Probably lower primary and younger. All the rides are for them. 

Myla was excited to try bumper cars and small roller coaster but there were none. :/

They had 2 Carousels, one Ferris wheel, a swing-go-round type ride, a train and a mini Viking ship. There were also a few game booths.

The staff were all friendly, attentive and observed necessary safety measures. No complaints there. The place is well managed. 

My only complaint is that it’s quite expensive.... for instance, it’s $5 per entry into this small enclosure with dinosaur and dragon statues. 

Some of them have movement and audio roars. So yeah, for our family to step in and walk walk for 10mins, cost us $20 just like that. But MJ enjoyed this enclosure a lot, he didn’t want to leave it.

All the rides were $5 a person.

I had to ride the train with MJ 3 times cos that’s the only ride he would go on. And myla came along for a train ride with Adamson once. (We go around the place in pairs). So that’s $40 just for the trains. OMG. 

Luckily Myla is game enough to sit on all the other rides on her own. So $5 a time only lol. 

But for the Viking ship, we were scared she might fall out hahaha so Adamson went with her for that one. 

So yeah, very quickly blew $100 plus just like that wor. But I guess they have to recoup costs also, and times are hard for businesses. So I don’t mind having gone to check the place out and support our local businesses... just that it was a bit hard on the pocket.

But most importantly, the kids had a lot of fun. 

We still owe Myla a roller coaster ride Hahhaa (where in Sg can we get that ah? Universal studios cannot, she’s too small to ride their coasters).