Splash Kids Amaze Safra Punggol

We took the kids to Splash, a water playground at Safra Punggol yesterday. 

The kids absolutely loved it! It’s fun and clean... and quite safe as the water is only shin deep. It’s got an area for toddlers and babies to wade around just as you enter. And a built up area for older kids with high fun slides (fast!!!) as well as a family slide which the whole family can slide down on at the same time (that’s the green slide in my video below).

The place is indoors (fully sheltered), so you’re not out under the hot sun. This would be especially appealing to those who hate getting tanned or have kids who get easily sunburnt. 

The high slides are quite fun as they twist and turn ... I wasn’t expecting to shoot down them at such high speed so the first time shocked me a bit (and I had MJ on my lap and he was shocked) .... after that he refused to go on any big slides with us. Oh man. We didn’t force it la, he’s only 2.  We will try again when he’s older.

Myla loved it though! Went down on daddy’s lap countless times and my lap a few times. I feel that she’s a bit too young to down down those big tunnelling slides alone. But primary one kid age onwards would be ok. 

Just a tip, when you go down slides like these with your toddler or preschooler on your lap. Please contain their arms and legs. Meaning have their limbs on your body and wrapped inwards , nothing flailing out as they may get hurt. 

Safety wise, it’s relatively safe and catered to young kids. MJ and Myla were very comfortable and safe in the water area. (But MJ slipped and fell on his bum in the changing room cos floor is wet. He’s fine! But hold your toddlers hands in the changing room!) . There was a lifeguard monitoring the high slides and another at the family slide. Of course, you should always be around to monitor your child’s safety. 

Entry for the weekend was $20 per child (below 12 months  old is free) and $2 for each accompanying adult. You need to call them to reserve your slot. They’re booked up fast, we booked weeks in advance. But because capacity for each session (1.5hr slots) is so limited, the place is not over crowded. Plenty of space for all and no long queues for the slides. I especially like this as I hate crowds and having to jostle for space. No such issues here at SPLASH. 

We would definitely take the kids back there again. Here’s a short video of the fun we had there (Adamson edited it, hopefully we can do more videos like this of the places we check out).