I got the Covid Vaccine - Moderna

Last week when they opened the Covid vaccination slots to the 40-45 yr old age group. I registered myself, thinking it’s going to take weeks before I would get a slot. But lo and behold, I got a slot for the very next day!
Before this, I actually thought... better get Pfizer ... simply because of crowd sentiment and also it’s a brand I recognise. But now most vaccine centres offer Moderna instead , while the polyclinics have Pfizer. 

So I did a quick search on efficacy and found they are both on par (with Pfizer coming in at 95% and Moderna 94%). So I went with Moderna, because that would mean I could get my jabs done ASAP. The first Pfizer slot close to me would have been Yishun polyclinic at the end of June. 
I did mine at Marsling CC (I live in Sembawang) and gosh they were so well organised. Strict distancing protocol in place. Queues moved super smoothly. The area was clean, comfortable enough and well ventilated. So well managed! 

I went at 9.25am for my 9.30 appointment (bring your NRIC and trace together token and screen shot the appointment details on your phone to show them). By 9.30 I got jabbed (I expected at least a prick, but nope. Zero pain for me... 😳. I think cos the needle is super fine). 

The only reason it took 35mins in total was the wait time before they discharge you. Got to wait 30mins sitting comfortably there to make sure no reactions. Otherwise I could seriously be in and out in 5mins lol. 
No reactions. I went on my merry way. They gave me some freebies- a box of 50pc masks, a reusable mask and bottle of sanitiser. I’m surprised I got all 3 items (have been seeing on it the other in people’s social media posts). 

The rest of the day I felt fine but towards the evening my arm started to hurt a little bit around the injection site. 

Still, we had our home BbQ (no guests, just us for our dinner date night). I made my special dipping sauce... seriously good (to me la hahahah). 
You’re not supposed to drink alcohol for like 12hours or something after the jab. But I did have like half a beer, was fine. 
We shared a steak and I skewered some chicken livers and hearts. 

I expected to develop a fever or to start feeling warm by night time but nope, whole time fine. The second day my arm hurt EVEN MORE. Felt like someone punched me damn hard and the area felt tight like muscle ache. But by the third day it had totally subsided. Hope I’m this lucky with the second jab ah. My dad had no side effects for both first and second jabs, but my mum had fever for both. They took Pfizer. 

By the way is it weird that I love the taste of innards like liver and hearts more than the taste of actual meat? Shiok ah 

Okay, my second jab is scheduled for the start of July. Update you then.  Meanwhile, do get registered for the jabs as soon as it’s opened to your age group. Totally free and the process is seamless. Let’s build herd immunity and protect those who are too young or ill to get vaccinated themselves. 


9 days after the vaccine, my arm swelled up again at the injection site. Feels like a hot bruise. Read up on it and apparently it’s called the “Covid Arm” and can happen to a small fraction of people about 1 week after the Moderna shot. It’s supposedly your immune system kicking in. Nothing to worry about and should pass in a few days. Just putting this out here in case anyone gets it and is alarmed. 


  1. Anonymous1:53 am

    Omg I’m so curious, what does chicken innards taste like?? Is it good? Also can I please know where adamson gets his steaks and fish from, you guys always have the best meals. You’re so lucky holly. Is there any preferred butchers he goes to or?

  2. The liver tastes like pasty and soft (if not over cooked). The hearts taste a bit chewy and yet tender.... none have strong taste (strong taste= like mutton). Gizzards are damn chewy and gritty, I usually skip this.

    I’ll get adamson to answer abt where he gets meat and seafood. He has a couple go to vendors. But in this post our steak was normal one from Cold Storage this time. Only bad thing abt the non premium stuff is that there’s little give, u cannot overcook it and must season well (he uses salt pepper and thyme) or it will taste like rubber/tough. If u buy like some high grade marbled Japanese wagyu .... Wah Lau .. tastes great regardless of your cooking skill lol.


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