Raffles - Long Bar, during Covid

One of the good things that Circuit breaker and travel restrictions have brought about during this pandemic, is the time for us to explore our own country. Instead of flying off to a short weekend getaway, we find ourselves coming across delightful hidden gems and revisiting old ones, all within a 45min drive from home.

It’s been years since I’ve been to Raffles Hotel. And I have never been here with Adamson. So we decided last Saturday afternoon, to just head to Long Bar, the home of the Singapore Sling. 
Due to restrictions on capacity now, do call ahead and make a reservation. We were fortunate enough to get a couple of seats at the bar, so last minute. 
One thing we noticed was eh, the Singapore Sling is quite pale now. When we asked, we learnt that the grenadine is now specially made in house, for their slings. 
A Singapore Sling at Long Bar will set you back Sgd 35 ++. But right now, with every Singapore Sling you order, you get a free snack of your choice or another Singapore Sling! 
For our free snacks, we picked their Satay... lamb satay excellent. The chicken satay is kinda normal, nothing special. 
The Spicy Tiger prawns was good too, the sauce was tangy. 
There were lots of cocktails to choose from, but of course, Adamson being extra (lol), requested the bartender to mix him an original creation. (Thank you Surend, you’re a great mixologist and you were very hospitable. ) 
Then... boring me, after my Sour Plum Mojito, went for a Whiskey. 
One of the cocktails that we found unique is The Duke. It’s a stiff drink... STRONG AS FUCK. Inspired by John Wayne, this dark brown cocktail is a mix of Rye Whiskey, Mezcal, Foro Amaro, Italian Vermouth with Beef Jerky. Interestingly, it’s been aged in this leather bag (pic above) for 48 days before being served. 
We had erm... a lot of cocktails. And such a good boozy-date afternoon. 
I can’t wait for the Billiard Room to open again so we can go for their champagne brunch buffet together. It used to be one of my favs, until they closed when Raffles hotel started their major renovations a few years ago. 

Oh by the way, they still serve ground nuts but you can no longer throw the shells on the floor (Covid hygiene restriction thingy), so I kinda miss the crunch you get from walking in the Long Bar. Still, it’s worth a visit because you will still have a great time indulging in cocktails, friendly staff, and a good chunk of Singapore’s history there.