Cow-nting the Years.

One. Two. Three! 

It’s our 3rd wedding anniversary and our third time to Fat Cow. 

Who dat cutie next to me? 
We pretty much order the same stuff all the time because we know what we love from their menu... like their sea bream sashimi in truffle oil... the best sashimi I’ve had. 
But this was our first time trying the TORO UNI KAISEN MILLE-FEUILLE. It’s a cold dish of chopped toro, okra, sweet shrimp, sea urchin, truffle oil. Love it! But maybe a little less okra might suit us better cos okra makes it a bit too gooey.
Do you know, each time we dine here we sit in the exact same seats as the very first time. Well, we got those same seats coincidentally on our second date night there... and then it became tradition lol. So we requested the same seats again. And will do so for eternity.... special place for us. ♥️ 
Their miso cod ... flakey and rich in flavour. But not too salty like some miso cods can be. 
Their donburri... prices go from sgd 98 to 148 a bowl. But it’s a big bowl... (we share this main) and the quality of ingredients are exquisite... foie gras, dry aged wagyu, etc. 
This time he ordered an extra serving of foie gras, cos he knows it’s my fav. 🥰. What did I do to deserve him?  

Ah but one thing I never like there... their desserts. Not to my taste I guess. We try different desserts each time but I always don’t like it. This time was yuzu cheese cake. :/  I’m more of a classic creme brûlée kind of girl, I don’t like my desserts infused or deconstructed etc. 

But other than that, the meal was mofo awesome. I’m lying in bed now waiting for mJ and myla to fall asleep, my taste buds are tingling as I type about this on my phone. 

Already anticipating our return to Fat Cow for our 4th wedding anniversary... hahaaa 



  1. Anonymous10:30 pm

    So fast. Grow older, time pass so much faster.

  2. Omg yes time passes so fast now


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