Live. Love. EAT.

Growing up my family was never well to do. Eating out was always a delightful treat which my dad worked hard to afford. And it would always be a happy family affair. There are a few places my parents often took my siblings and I to as young children all the way to our early adulthood... which I still return to till today (when I’m 40!). These dining establishments have stood the test of time. And it is of no wonder. 

Every time I eat at these places, the food never disappoints. And the feelings I get when I eat there are of comfort and splendour both at the same time. Which is why I’m so happy to be able to share these places with Adamson too. And doubly glad that he loves them too. Another of my fav places is the Haakaa yong tau foo at Siglap which is now one of Adamson’s favourites (he wasn’t an east sider growing up so all these places are new to him). He mentioned the other day that his taste preferences have changed since he’s met me... some things he thought he would never like, taste good now. :) that is a wonderful part of being with and loving someone so much. 

Yesterday we had lunch at Apolo Banana Leaf , on Race Course Road. They now have outlets all over the island but I will only go to the one at Race Course Rd because.... childhood memories. Here’s what I had yesterday...

Omg so delicious. I always have the fish curry. So tangy. And the chicken livers. Their fish roe is also a must have but it wasn’t ready (we were the first ones in at 10.30am lol.  

Will blog about our favourite Haaka Yong Tau foo real soon. And then the best Katong Laksa.  And we will share some of Adamson’s childhood favs too like his fav chicken rice place etc 

Don’t you love it when food preserves a memory? 

54 Race Course Rd
Singapore 218564