Dinosaur- Diplodocus Fossils in Singapore

Last Sunday we took Myla & MJ to the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum along with some of Adamson's friends. 
Did you know that there are dinosaur fossils on display there? 
We never knew this existed in Singapore! It's been there for some time but we only just happened to find out when we chanced upon someone's Instagram pic of the place. (So poor marketing! Such a waste, because it's really worth a trip down, especially if you have a kid who is dinosaur crazy, like MJ). 
There are 3 Diplodocid sauropod fossils which were among the largest and heaviest animals to ever walk on land. Found between 2007 and 2010 in a quarry in a small town of Ten Sleep in the United States, they are believed to be part of a herd.
There are 2 floors to the museum. 
Housing loads of natural history specimens (plants, reptiles, animals etc).

The Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum is at the National University of Singapore. It's actually just the next building down from the UCC. (My first time back in NUS since graduating eons ago. Quite nostalgic).

Due to social distancing measures, the gallery's capacity is capped at 220 visitors at any one time. But when we were there on Sunday afternoon, there were like less than 20 people there. So yeah, plenty of distancing.

Opening hours
Tue - Sun: 10am to 6pm
Last admission: 4.30pm

SG Residents Ticket
S$15 - Adult
S$8 - Child above 3yo / Student / Snr Citizen / NSF

Lots of parking available and the place is stroller friendly.

Sharing this with you :) Maybe it could be your next family outing. If you know of any other lesser known & family friendly places in Sg that's worth a visit, let me know okie!