Myla's Frozen Birthday Party

 Myla's Frozen themed birthday party yesterday was a success... just a small cosy and simple affair at home but I think she will keep these happy memories for a lifetime. Worth every effort.

The kids were delighted with everything Frozen.

Bought everything from Shoppee (love this app!), balloons etc... except for the Castle... that one Myla and I made out of cardboard.

The goodie bags, and inside had Frozen T-shirt, comb, notebook, stickers etc.

Before the party started at noon... We gave her her birthday present (which was a bagfull of Frozen themed items which Adamson and I bought over the last 3 months! Mostly my online shopping after the kids sleep haha). 

Parents dropped the kids off at noon, so surprised that they were all so punctual. Not like adult parties where people stream in an hour late that kind. -_-

The pin the nose on Olaf game we made was a big hit. 
Pass the parcel ... cos I have no original ideas lol.
Colouring Frozen pictures gave them some downtime while I prepared the cake and food to be served. 
Just a log cake I ordered online from Emicakes.  Chose it because the ordering process was fuss free,,, and it was the right size for a small party and it's the frozen blue colour. I put Frozen character and Castle toppers on it, which I ordered from Shoppee. 
The kids had chicken nuggets and fries from Mcdonald's. Haha... was a hit. Just something easy that 5 year olds love. 

I enjoyed planning and hosting this party, her friends are such wonderful little princesses. It doesn't cost much and it just takes some effort and prep to host a party to make your child's birthday a little extra special. No regrets doing this, it's been such a positive experience for all of us. MJ most likely won't remember this... but I'd say from the age of 4 plus and over, they're old enough to appreciate the experience and remember it. So yeah, go ahead and give your kids such experiences too. 


  1. Anonymous10:24 am

    hi holly, the celebration looks fab. just wanted to ask, does myla ever see her biological dad? or do you have complete custody? do you plan on introducing them to each other when shes older or will they have a completely estranged relationship? would love to hear more about it .

  2. Hello :). I have full legal custody but he sees her once a week during his visitation access).


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