My HONEST Weight Loss on Moosor Candy

 As you know, I've been wanting to get back to pre-pregnancy weight for a long while now. But have hit a plateau at the 10 kg mark. Was 20plus kgs over pre pregnancy weight and then 10kg over pre-pregnancy weight since like 1 year ago until nowwwwwwww.

I gained the same amount of Kgs when pregnant with Myla but lost it within a few months. I don't know what's up with me this time round. 

So I was super duper hopeful when I came across MOOSOR candies. Saw so many reviews of people starting to drops kilos and pants sizes as early as 1 week after starting. What the candy does is it blocks your body's ability to absorb fat and carbs from your food. Not by 100% of course, but by some percentage, I can't remember what amount exactly. 

So I purchased it from a Facebook friend who is a distributor (is that what they're called?), she was very helpful, and informative. So i was full of positive vibes. It cost $40 for a box of 18 candies and you take 2 candies a day after meal.

The box arrived by courier, I was so excited. I took the candies that night after my dinner from Fat Cow. The candies tasted good. Not chalky or what. Yayyyyy, I can definitely keep this up.

The next day, OMG. Seriously shocked... but I pooped a lot of oil. Like you know u eat mala or something and there's lots of bubbles of oil floating on top? Yeah the toilet bowl was like that. (Haha sorry if too much info).

I was super happy.. it's workingggggggg!

There's no tummy ache or diarrhea or constipation with this product. But I don't dare to fart unless I'm on the toilet bowl pooping... haha. Cos oil. Other than that, no bad side effects. 

After a week, I weighed myself, no weightloss  :(   Wtf. everyday poop oil but still didn't lose weight. The distributor who sold me Moosor Candy suggested that it may be muscle gain hence the weight didn't go down, but I should be able to see cm (size) loss. So i bought another 3 packs, to make my total Moosor journey last 39 days or so. 

Was still hopeful. And now I've come almost to the end of my Moosor journey. My pants feel as tight as before. I just stepped on the scale... total weight loss for the past 1 month... is ZERO.

So sad man. 

I'm sure it has worked for many people. And the seller who sold it to me is a nice person, who is very helpful with the info etc. No hard feelings. But it just didn't work for me at all... not even for 1 kg.

Maybe the oils I lost isn't enough for weightloss. Maybe like another of my friend (Nickle) told me before, I'm holding stress weight and not food weight because of lack of rest and me time, my whole day and night is just focused on the kids well being. 

I don't really eat much... def not in the realm of over eating. And I swim at least once a week though it's hard to do laps while watching both kids in the pool at the same time. 

Who knows *shrugs shoulders*

How like that. I don't want to remain at this weight. 



  1. Came across your blog while searching on information on Moosor cause someone suggested trying. Claiming HSA approved. But what exactly did HSA approve?

    If you want to loose post pregnancy fats, contact me. Because long term on this candy is not healthy as you can see it in your poop. You can pm me on FB. 90 days is all you need. I got not only my shape but my health back and better in 90 days.

  2. Anonymous7:05 pm

    What I like about your post is that it was honest and not sponsored. Lol

  3. Anonymous10:58 pm

    Thank you for your honest review! I've gained 10kg after giving birth and it's stuck with me for 2 years now. Tbh, I don't exercise and find the lack of energy to do it, since taking care of my baby, housework and everything else seem to be the priority. My appetite has increased too ever since I ate a lot during the period I was breastfeeding. So I can't blame that 10kg of fats wanting to stick around longer than I'd like. Hope you can find that something that works and share it with us. Thanks and take care!

  4. Anonymous1:17 pm

    Constipation after eating for the first time. Is that normal?

  5. Not normal for me. But maybe it works differently for u? Check with the person who sold it to u. Also drink more water

  6. Thanks for sharing but if you are still keen to lose weight I have just went through a 90 days transformation and it worked for me, dropped 6 kg and loss 4.5kg of fats on the 120 day.

    U can connect with me via my link

  7. Thanks for sharing but if you are still keen to lose weight I have just went through a 90 days transformation and it worked for me, dropped 6 kg and loss 4.5kg of fats on the 120 day.

    U can connect with me via my link

  8. Anonymous7:05 pm

    Came across this blog as I was looking for some reviews of this slimming 🍬. Seems okay when I first saw it because you will just put it your mouth as it melts...hmmm....but 😀 thanks for this honest review hun. I gained 10 kilos after my second child and she is now turning 4 thats why I need to make an effort now to lose it. Uggghhh!!! I did take some slimming coffee and dark chocolate drink and it works for me together with Fiber detox. I am constipated here and when I say I am... girl you wouldnt believe I poop every 2 to 3 days. Wahhh.... but when I take W Fiber Jelly. I 💩 regulary as in every morning. Let me share this wonderful products to you ladies. @winkwhiteaustralia IG page.
    Wink White Australia facebook page
    And if you want to buy products they have afterpay! Very convenient to pay right


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